Foods that don’t belong in the Fridge


Maria Suzanne Plana |

Putting foods in the fridge may sound like the best way to keep it fresh for a long time. But that is not always the case, there are some foods that just don’t belong in the fridge.

Here are some foods you may be storing wrong:


Keeping garlic on the fridge is not advisable because the temperature and humidity inside will make the garlic stale and soft in texture. Instead, a cool and dry storage will keep it fresh for a longer time.



The countertop is the best place for storage of tomatoes where they can live happily up to one week. The cold temperature of the fridge damages its texture and makes it crumbly. For unripe tomatoes, it is best to store them near the windows to help speed up the ripening process.



Just like garlic, onions tend to turn stale and soft inside the fridge because of the environment. Sliced onions dry up faster and affects the smell of your fridge.



Because of the chilly temperature, the starch in the potato turns into sugar thus affecting its taste and texture. The best storage for potatoes is a cool, dry, and dark place.



Keeping bananas in the fridge will make the skin brown and unappetizing, so make sure to peel the skin off before refrigerating. However, the fridge is not the best storage for unripe bananas because the temperature will slow down the process of ripening.

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