Five Practical Self-Defense For Women

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Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | VigorBuddy

In some places of our society, women and young girls are prone to be attacked or abused … worst raped and killed… they are vulnerable or defenseless in many times.  It becomes a usual rationalization that these women or young girls are attracting men to take advantage of them.  News in television and radio inform us everyday, the public listeners and viewers of the horrible crimes against women and young women and helpless children as well.

Here are five tips on practical self-defense for women during the actual situation.

  1. When being held/grabbed by the right or left hand of the attacker, do not resist his strength neither do panic. Fear is number one enemy in martial arts.  So, if you have a ball pen in your pocket, carrying an umbrella, holding books, stick, hair pin, and newspaper, you can depend yourself confidently, with these objects/instruments, you can hit these points to your attacker’s throat, eyes, nose, temple, neck and solar plexus.  Try to call attention of the people around.
  1. When being grappled or embraced by the attacker who is behind, keep on moving so that your attacker would lose his concentration and quickly step on your right and left side so that your free hand (right or left) could reach the balls of the attacker, then quickly squeeze his balls and stamp his instep of the foot. When the attacker loses you, run and shout as loud as possible.
  1. When your attacker tries to approach you, do not panic or frightened. Use your umbrella (if you have) and lunge it to the solar plexus of the attacker. Then, keep shouting aloud for help.
  1. When a snatcher grabs your bag, while you are walking along the hall alley, street, or crowded place, do not try to struggle or resist the force of the attacker but instead make an attempt to advance ahead of his place and strike his face with your book or newspaper or umbrella.
  1. When two attackers attempt to grab you, keep shouting aloud for help. Use your ball pen to strike their hands and keep kicking their legs and feet.  Try to hit their scrotum.  Once they lose you, run and shout aloud for help.

Special reminders:

  1. Always walk on lighted and crowded places for your own security.
  1. When riding a taxi or any vehicle, alone or with friend/s, sense the driver, write and/or remember the number of the taxi. Possibly, take a picture of the driver and the number of the taxi secretly and send it to your loved ones at home.  Make this a habitual practice.
  1. Be sensitive and observant to your surroundings. When you feel that some characters are dubious, move to safe you place.  Get familiar with the places where you pass by.
  1. Do not be showy of yourself (maporma) that may call the attention of an unexpected attacker. Do not expose your cellphone (expensive or not), lest a snatcher may cause you big trouble.

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