Everything You Need To Know About Tendinopathy 

Everything You Need To Know About Tendinopathy 

VigorBuddy | Everything You Need To Know About Tendinopathy | Being given a diagnosis means that you know what is wrong with you and this can help settle your mind. Of course, while it helps to know your issue has a name, it isn’t always clear what the issue is, how it can be treated, and whether it can be cured. 

What Is Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy is a general term given to issues involving tendons in your body. Tendons support the movement of joints by attaching to muscles and bones, they stretch and contract according to the movement your body is making to ensure smooth operation. 

However, tendons can be placed under excess stress. This is when you make a sudden and unexpected movement, your body may not respond quickly enough, potentially damaging a tendon. More commonly, a tendon is damaged by repetitive use. That’s why tendinopathy is a common issue for people who perform manual labour, musicians, and even athletes. 

The good news is that there is a lot known about tendinopathy, although there are still some unknowns!

Exercise Is Essential

If you’re suffering from an irritated and painful joint you need to see a specialist, such as this reputable physiotherapist Concord. The main issue is that you have damaged and irritated the tendon in a specific joint. Resting will help the pain to pass and the tendons to heal. However, resting will do nothing to strengthen the tendons.

That means the same movement or addition of load will cause the tendinopathy to flare up again. 

A physiotherapist will assess your individual circumstances and injury in order to create the best possible exercise plan. This should be pain-free but strengthen the tendon to allow pain-free and injury-free use in the future. 

In short, the exercises will be designed to reduce the load on the tendons and then gradually increase them to make them better at their job. 

Anti-inflammatories Are not Advised

Tendinopathy results in the inflammation of a joint but this is a result of the injury and not a traditional inflammation response. As such, anti-inflammatories are unlikely to be beneficial in the treatment of this issue. 

Passive Treatments Are Not Necessary

Some people swear by massage or shock-wave therapy. However, there is currently no evidence that suggests this is an effective way to treat tendinopathy. The most effective approach is exercise, that’s why you need professional assistance to choose the right exercises. 

It’s A Slow Recovery

Unfortunately, while you can strengthen your tendons and eliminate the issue, it takes time. There are no quick fixes when suffering from tendinopathy. It is simply a case of following the prescribed exercise routine and making sure every exercise is performed properly. 

Pain medications can help to make living with tendinopathy more bearable but they won’t help in the recovery process as you are more likely to push your tendons and muscles harder than you should be. 

Naturally, it should be noted that the process and best exercises are different for everybody, you need to follow your individualized plan to get the best results.