Employer branding: the advantages for companies

Employer branding: the advantages for companies How to invest in employee development for better business

Vigorbuddy | Employer branding: the advantages for companies | Have you ever liked a brand so much that you want to join its team? Or, on the contrary, to be wary of the products of a brand known in the news for treating its resources badly? It happens often to me. These are the effects of employer branding, the ability of a company to build an image of itself as an ideal workplace.

Why is employer branding important? In this post I will explain why employer branding is not just a matter related to human resources and recruitment, but is a fundamental asset within a company’s branding strategy. 

Let’s see together the benefits of well-designed employer branding.

The best ambassadors of a brand

Reading this title, many will immediately think about customers. And how to blame them? Satisfied customers are powerful witnesses to the quality of a brand. Thinking about it, however, a company is made up of people who every day design, implement and communicate new ideas that will arrive on the market and will have to convince those same customers.

Employer branding is the set of activities that make these people proud of their company, which make them feel part of a community based on the sharing of values ​​and which put the person at the center, even before the employee. Who, better than an employee, can testify to the real value of a company and its reliability? An employee who is truly involved in the company philosophy will be able to carry out his work with enthusiasm and a spirit of initiative, to do that extra mile, that extra mile that will make the difference, in an increasingly competitive environment.

Employer branding has this purpose: to increase the level of employee engagement, making them the best brand ambassadors. They will thus make the brand attractive to future talents and, in turn, to the company’s customers.

Employer branding triggers a series of positive advantages for the company:

– satisfied resources generate more value for the company, because they are stimulated and appreciated for their commitment;

– an excellent work environment increases the employee retention rate, the ability of a company to retain talented people within it and therefore reduce turnover;

– a company made up of talents will attract other talents, because they are able to recognize and enhance the competence and the ability to go beyond expectations;

– a healthy company will also be interesting for investors, thus increasing its growth prospects.

This is why employer branding has come out of the doors of HR offices to knock on colleagues in marketing and communications and establish itself as a crucial pillar of a company’s success. Human resources, marketing and communication work together to build an effective employer branding capable of generating real benefits for a company.

Consumer brand and employer brand

For a long time, companies have focused on the consumer brand, investing money, time and energy to build trust with the customer and be credible. On closer inspection, consumer brands and employer brands are not so distant and above all they are not in contrast. Both their audiences (customers on the one hand, collaborators and future collaborators on the other) seek the same values ​​in the company: credibility, authenticity, reliability, and trust.

That’s not all: both consumers and employees are becoming increasingly demanding of companies, which are being asked to act on multiple fronts. On the one hand, good products are not enough for consumers, but also the ability of a company to go further and become a Lovemark, attention to sustainability, respect for the principles of inclusion and diversity, excellence in customer care.