Effective Remedies for Migraine (Part 2)


Continued from Part 1

Try the following remedies:

  1. Lavender oil – This is the perfect candidate to help you relax when you’re experiencing a migraine attack. This oil has a distinctive smell and can be applied locally or inhaled. Never ingest lavender oil. For topical applications, lightly massage a few drops of lavender oil into your temples. For inhalations, add four drops to three cups of water. The vapor will act as a headache treatment and soothe your migraine.
  2. Scalp massage – Scalp massages can alleviate pain, especially when you focus on the occipital nerve, the area at the base of your skull. You don’t need reflexology experience for this, your body will let you know if you are hitting the right areas or not. If you can resort to professional masseurs, they will be able to focus on the reflex point in your hands and feet that can alleviate migraines.
  3. Diet – Pay attention to the types of food that promote splitting headaches and eliminate them from your diet, replacing dairy, bacon, red wine and citrus with fish, green vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These boost your immune system and promote a healthy blood flow, which will keep migraines at arm’s length.
  4. Ice Packs – Ice acts as an anti-inflammatory remedy while heat only fuels migraines and headaches. An ice pack will alleviate the throbbing pain and potentially stop migraines altogether. If you don’t like putting something freezing on your head and face, you can achieve the same effect with cold compresses. Soak a small towel in ice water, squeeze out excess water and place the towel on the area that is hurting the most.
  5. Hydration – Our bodies are in dire need of water in order to function properly. When we consume more alcohol, sodas, and coffee than water, the imbalance we create within our bodies can drastically affect different functions. Migraines can easily stem from this kind of imbalance. It’s funny to think that the remedy for migraines can be as simple as drinking water, but sometimes the best solution is also the simplest one.

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