Here’s How a Millennial at Work Could Achieve a Healthy & Active Lifestyle


Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy

You’re 22 and you’re working in a corporate office in Makati. You’re 28, working as a call center agent on a graveyard shift. or maybe you’re in your mid 30s, working in flexible office hours, but handles two other businesses. Whatever your age and work may be, it’s always a struggle to find time for wellness, even when it’s just a simple 5-minute exercise, right? It seems to be an easy thing to do because it would only take five minutes, but some couldn’t just squeeze that in to their daily routines.

It is the millennials who are mostly expected to get these little exercises done within the day, as they are the most fit to do energy-consuming activities such as exercises. But then, it seems that things don’t work that way.

Millennials, who are predicted to take over half of the global workforce by 2020, generally spend 6-13 hours working at their office desks each day. 52% of the millennials in the Philippines eat lunch at their desks at least twice a week. 62% of them says that they have no time to exercise. 84% are concerned about them gaining weight. These are the millennials, whose only physical activities are scanning documents, running for a quick coffee break, chasing deadlines, and surfing the net.


Isn’t it alarming that those who are expected to do what is healthy and good are the ones who couldn’t do it either? From a study done by Herbalife and Taipei Medical University, the Herbalife Asia Pacific Millennials at Work Survey 2016, the numbers mentioned goes to show how healthy active living is not easy to incorporate within a millennial’s overwhelming days at work. They tend to forget about it, to think that they do not have time for it, or to say that no one else does it so they don’t either.

The study also says that 79% of the millennials would be encouraged to stay active if it were part of their company’s cultures. That means, the company itself has the call to encourage their employees to live healthy as they work. If organizations have fitness facilities, it will be easier for the employees to pursue healthy and active lifestyles. Perks like gym membership discounts or group workout sessions are also favorable to the employee’s needs.

If you are one of those, then today, you should start change. It’s not always about social media or work because we only have one body to make use of until the end, so what we must do is take care of it rather than regret it. Here are tips for a healthier lifestyle:

  • Even you’re in your workstation, you could do simple stretching exercises such as head turns, bending and leg kicks.


  • Maintaining proper posture while sitting would also help, especially to those deskbound professional working for 8 hours and more.
  • To prevent bone structure and posture problems in the future, you could stand up (or go to the pantry and grab a cup of coffee) once after every hour to be able to avoid the shrinking of hips while sitting down the whole day.
  • If you’ve got cheat day Fridays, try turning them into healthy living Fridays by choosing greens and fruits for lunch.
  • If you don’t have enough time to prepare a breakfast, start your day instead with a protein shake combined with non-fat milk for a healthier morning. Herbalife’s Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix comes in various flavors which you could drink for a quick-fix breakfast.

For more information on getting a healthy and active lifestyle from Herbalife Nutrition, visit the Herbalife Facebook page.