Easy-to-follow safety tips for running at night

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Lots of people in today’s world lead pretty busy lives. Often by the time you finish your work and get home there is little daylight left to go for a run. If this is the case with you, don’t let the lack of sunlight deter you from your workout. Read the following article to find out what are the best ways to keep yourself safe during the night runs.

Run against traffic

Number one tip for all night runners is to run on a sidewalk or running track. But if your neighborhood doesn’t have any and your only option is to run on the road, you should always choose the ones with the least amount of traffic. To make yourself easier to spot and avoid potential accidents, you should always run against the traffic.

Plan your route

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you have to plan your running route well. When mapping your route, you should always go for the best-lit one, even though it may not be your favorite. Visibility is paramount during the night runs and if you stick to the roads with street lights you are less likely to get hit by a reckless or distracted driver. When you are done planning your route, next thing you should do is inform your close ones about it. Because of the low traffic during the night, if you get injured hours may pass before help arrives. However, if your family is informed, they will start the search for you the moment they realize you are late.

Choose the right gear

The most important thing when you are going out for a night run is to wear proper gear and clothing. After the sun sets temperatures in some places can drop really low, so it is very important to wear warm clothing. Try putting on a beanie or a good hoodie, even a warm pair of socks to help you maintain your body temperature. Next thing that is essential for all night runners is highly visible reflective gear that enables approaching vehicles to spot you from a safe distance. These days there are plenty of light-reflecting apparel and shoes designed specifically for night runners. One last thing you should take with you on your night runs is a headlamp, since it can help you spot potential road hazards.

Leave your headphones home

Most people love to listen their favorite band during their workouts. This may not be a big issue if you are running in daylight, but if you choose to run after dark, consider leaving your headphones at home. You need to be aware of your surroundings and be able to hear the incoming traffic, and loud music in your ears obviously doesn’t do you any good. If you are one of those people who can’t run without their music, you should at least turn down the volume.

Team up

Another thing you can do is team up. Night runners are more than often victims of muggers and attackers. Next time you plan on running during night hours, try persuading some of your friends to join you. This way you are less likely to be attacked or mugged and you are easier to spot by vehicles. Plus, you get some company during your runs.

Carry your ID

In case you get in an accident, you should always have some sort of an ID in your pocket. It will help emergency services contact your family and learn about your medical history and potentially save your life.

Plan your route, chose the right gear, carry your ID, run against the traffic, team up and leave your headphones at home — these are all the things you need to remember in order to ensure a safe workout during the night. So next time you go for a night run, follow these six simple tips to keep yourself from danger, and most importantly, enjoy your run.