Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight

Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight

VigorBuddy | Breakfast Tips to Lose Weight | Eating habits will always be the biggest factor to help you lose weight. Aside from eating healthy and getting enough exercise, your fitness journey begins during breakfast. Here are some tips you need remember at the start of the day:

1. Eat like a King during breakfast

Your metabolism is most efficient during the morning. Don’t worry about eating a heavy meal in the morning. Towards the day, the effect is you won’t be binge-eating during lunch or dinner that causes bloating.

2. Munch on fruits first

Instead of eating your fruits as desserts, eat it first before your heavy meal. The best would be apples, pears or strawberries. Eat fruits that are high on fiber, it helps your body for better digestion throughout the day.

3. Include eggs in your meal

Eggs are so easy to prepare, take the advantage of it by including it on your daily breakfast meals. Eggs are reach in protein and eating them in the morning can help you lose weight. Aside from that, it also lowers risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

4. Drink water once you wake up in the morning

Water works wonders as always. For better digestion, drink water in the morning. Imagine the hours of sleep that your body lacks fluids. Of course, drinking water throughout the day will help you flush out toxins, thus helps you lose weight.

5. High protein breakfast

Eating protein during breakfast suppresses your appetite and cravings. Don’t skip the protein bars being commercialized today, you need those in the morning or a snack during the middle of the day.

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