Do’s and Don’ts Before Workouts

4 Tips to Create Your Own Workout Regimen workouts

Mitzi Ilagan | VigorBuddy

When thinking about working out on your free time, the most convenient preparation that you could think of probably is do stretching. But aside from stretching, there are essential things you must keep in mind to perform maximum workouts. Whether you’re a power athlete or even a low key fitness buff, check out these steps below to help you achieve an inspiring, safe and effective workout session.

Do: Have enough sleep.

A power nap could help you get through an intense workout, but you have to see to it that it doesn’t last for 40 minutes or more because you would probably feel sluggish, rather than energized to get up for the gym. A power nap could increase your focus and energy and would make you feel recharged. If you’re coming from work and you don’t have time to make up for a powernap, you just have to make sure that you’ve had 7-8 hours of sleep within the day.

Don’t: Oversleep.

If you have overslept on a weekend and still planning on hitting the gym, set your mood first before doing it. You could do other things first before working out because you may feel drowsy and may want to sleep some more. If you’re the type of person who instantly falls into a deep sleep upon shutting his eyes close, then you should rather prepare the other way.

Do: Dress properly.

Whether you’re up for an intense workout or just a beginner’s routine, a proper attire could make you feel more comfortable in whatever you are doing. The recommended outfits include breathable shirts and shorts, and tank tops, yoga pants, and sports bra for women for support and ease of movement. Avoid wearing cotton shirts and jeans, because it would only make you feel uneasy as you move. Also, wear a good pair of shoes to prevent your feet and legs from injury. You wouldn’t want blisters and other injuries from working out just because you wore your favorite pair of chucks at the gym.

Do: Hydrate.

This is a basic rule, to drink water, to keep yourself hydrated because you would surely sweat a lot when working out. You could also slurp down energy drinks, but you could get calories from that, so the best thing that you could do is choose water.

Don’t: Drown yourself.

You’re too good to follow the rule, but you have to make sure to do it moderately. 20 ounces (or half a liter) of water is enough, because it you drink too much, you’d probably feel bloated and you’d feel the water moving around your stomach which would make you feel uncomfortable as you move rapidly.

Do: Warm-up.

For five minutes or so, go for a little bit of perspiration as you warm up for your routine. Do the basics such as knee bending, jumping jacks, shoulder stretch, and toe touches. This will condition your body for moving and will keep the blood flowing. Do some stretching to relax your muscles, so as to decrease the chances of pulling a muscle.

Don’t: Overstretch.

Sometimes, stretching could do worse, rather than condition it because it may have been done the wrong way. Overstretching could hurt your muscles and with that, you may not be able to proceed with your workout.

Do: Make a workout playlist.

If you want to feel pumped up for this day’s training, why not create a playlist with your favorite hits? As you get along with the music, you could push, jump, or lift as the beat goes on.

Do: Eat.

Depending on your digestive tendencies or body needs, you could either munch on something healthy hours or 30 minutes before working out. If you are to eat before workout, make sure it is rich in protein and carbs. Some people would think that eating before workout would only make them feel bloated, but that would only depend on what you would eat. You could snack on fruits such as apple or banana, oats, nuts, brown rice, cereals, or even just a protein bar or shake. A pre-workout meal would provide you energy and stamina needed for the tasks you will be performing.

Don’t: Have a heavy meal.

Avoid eating too much rice, chicken, beef, fried and fatty food, and heavy desserts. It may cause stomach pain, discomfort, nausea, or cramps. Also, you should avoid working out with an empty stomach because you won’t have enough energy for the curl-ups today.

Do: Take pre-workout supplements.

Not all people do this, but for most who do, they take supplements for better performance, which also gives them nutritional benefits. These supplements are usually taken 30 minutes before the routine. Some contain caffeine and amino acids which could improve the blood flow and provide an energy boost. Some, such as Capsinesis, contain raw cayenne pepper, green tea and bignay which has a powerful fat burning ability, works well if you do workouts. One to two capsules before your intense workout would make you reach your body’s potential because you consumed what are essential and beneficial to your body.

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