Did You Know About These 5 Most Common Bone Fractures?

Most Common Bone Fractures

Did You Know About These 5 Most Common Bone Fractures? | Bone fractures are incredibly common. In fact, about 6.8 million Americans break a bone each year. This means that nearly every American will experience at least two broken bones in his or her lifetime.

Bones are made up of proteins, minerals, and bone cells. They are very strong and have some flexibility, but with the right amount of pressure, they can break or fracture. Luckily, bone fracture treatment has become pretty common and is fairly easy for most.

Read on to find out the most common bone fractures!

  1. Wrist

When we fall, it is out of instinct that we try to catch ourselves. Usually, we put our hands out to do so. This is one of the most common fractures, especially in children and older adults.

Broken wrists are most often distal radius fractures. This is when the fracture occurs in the radius near the wrist.

What causes bone fractures like this? As mentioned, falls play a big role but they may also occur due to car accidents and sports injuries.

  1. Collarbone

The clavicle, better known as the collarbone, is also one of the more common fractures. This particular fracture is most common in teens and children. Sports injuries and car accidents contribute to these injuries in children and young adults.

A sling is usually required while the break heals. Severe breaks might need surgical treatment. Physical therapy can help reduce any stiffness after treatment.

  1. Ankle

For middle-aged people, ankle fractures are more likely. Injuries like these occur from falls, rolling or twisting the ankle, and car accidents. In cases such as these, the tibia, fibula, and a small connecting bone at the heel are usually affected.

It may be possible to walk with a broken ankle, so it’s important to see an orthopedic doctor if you believe there may be a problem. A special shoe, cast, or surgery can help treat this type of broken bone.

  1. Vertebral

Vertebrae are the bones around your spine that protect your spinal cord from injury. Car accidents contribute to most of these fractures in healthy adults. However, fractures of this nature are much more frequent in those who are dealing with osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones.

Severe fractures will likely need surgery. Mild injuries can be treated with simple rest.

  1. Hip

In older adults, broken hips are a common injury and are quite serious. The femur that connects to the hip joint usually suffers the damage. This often occurs due to falls.

Surgery is used to treat fractures such as this. Unfortunately, not every senior is healthy enough to endure surgery, so they must be treated with bed rest.

Most Common Bone Fractures

As much as we would all prefer to avoid broken bones, it is very difficult. Some of the most common bone fractures can occur in everyday life. Thankfully, there are plenty of well-established treatments for these injuries.

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