Diabetics, Rejoice!


Ann Gabriel |Vigorbuddy

Diabetics, rejoice! The world’s first artificial pancreas will be out in the market in 2018. With the release of the artificial pancreas, there is now a better way for those suffering from type 1 diabetes to monitor and control their glucose levels without daily injections.

Patients, who are suffering from type 1 diabetes sufferers, have to use two different devices just to ensure that they stay within allowable levels. One device to monitor glucose levels and the other to inject the correct does of insulin. The new invention combines the two devices in one system.

In the series of tests conducted using the artificial pancreas system, patients now get a relief from the daily routines in managing diabetes. The new system manages patients blood sugar effectively without the necessity of constant monitoring.

Scientists designed a small device to monitor and adjust a user’s blood sugar levels without them using different devices..

The device is said to negate the amount of human error when injecting insulin, thus allowing type 1 diabetes sufferers to live longer and fuller lives. The said device is said to become an alternative to beta cell transplant. The transplant is a new treatment option that researchers are studying. However, results are varied, and appears to have a negative impact on the patient’s immune system.


However, there are still many obstacles to the success of this research. Insulin takes up to 2 hours to reach peak levels in the bloodstream, making it difficult for the device to constant monitor, especially when the user is doing a lot of physical activity.

With advancements in technology, researchers remain hopeful, that a perfect artificial pancreas system will be out by 2018. Diabetics are now looking forward to the success of these experiments.

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