Cycling on Your Period: 5 Tips to Help You Feel Comfortable

By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Having your monthly period should not stop you from doing activities that you enjoy such as cycling.

Here are some tips to make you comfortable when cycling on your red days:



The first thing to do when you consider cycling with your period is to pause for a little while. Listen to the signs that your body is telling you. Are you a heavy bleeder; are the cramps more intense than usual? These signs can tell if you need to put off cycling for a day and consult a physician for your own safety.


Not all women are comfortable in using tampons. But when you are cycling with your period, it is a good way to go. It doesn’t dislodge while you move. Also, it won’t irritate your feminine area.

Unlike sanitary pads, there is no extra material that rubs against your skin. Just remember to tuck the tampon string. You should also carry a spare tampon if you will be out for extended hours.

Leaving a tampon for more than 24 hours can cause a fatal toxic shock syndrome.


If you are not comfortable with tampons, use a menstrual cup when cycling. This is a medical-grade silicon cups that collects menstrual flow and can be worn for 12 hours. You can take it off, and wash it before using it again. It can be a little bit messy so that you have to wash your hands.


One factor which causes menstrual discomforts is dehydration. Cycling can make you sweat a lot. So make sure you hydrate regularly by bringing along a bottle of water.


Make sure you have a hearty meal before you set off for cycling. Choose foods rich in protein such as chicken and eggs. You can also eat legumes and nuts.


Choose Paracetamol when dealing with pain, as it has the fewest side effects. But if the pain is not tolerable, you can take Mefenamic Acid or Ibuprofen. Just make sure to take these medicines on a full stomach to avoid irritation of the stomach lining.

Cycling is a fun activity to burn fat, tone muscles, relieve stress, and relax at the same time. But when you have your “special day” of the month, you should take extra care. Even when you have a period, you may want to resume your normal activities. But, you should focus what your body tells you.