Cryotherapy treatments shows signs of healing and anti-aging on patients


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

Cryotherapy, a cooling treatment, requires spending time in a “cryosauna” that’s cooled to -264 degrees. Cryotherapy is said to reduce inflammation, improve athletic performance and even slow signs of aging.

Low (freezing) temperature therapy is associated with reduction of inflammation and is now commonly used in routine medical and surgical techniques.

Freezing temperatures send the body into a “survival mode,” which causes blood supply to flow to the most vital organs to relay more oxygen and nutrients. Once you leave the cold environment, the enriched and less-toxic blood is flushed back into the rest of the body.

Cryogenic patients are asked to step into capsule-like chambers where liquid nitrogen is used to cool it down. As soon as the temperature reaches 0 degrees (water’s freezing point) the patient is asked to exit the chamber.

Once, the treatment is done, patients are asked to do several cardiovascular exercises.

The adjusting temperatures remove the toxins and allows blood to go through inflamed areas of the body, renewing it with relatively good blood.

The patient will feel energetic as there would be a continuous flow of endorphins throughout the body that lasts approximately five to six hours.

Patients, who have undergone cryotherapy treatments experienced swelling reductions around joints.

Doctors sees the potential of cryotherapy treatments in post-surgery care, and are now studying the possibility of trying them out on patients. There were notable observations on healing process, and is said to eliminate discomfort after muscles damage.

Celebrities are said to have used cryotherapy for beauty and anti-aging benefits.

The effects on skin are immediate. Patients get a healthy glowing skin, improved blood circulation, and is said to give their bodies a boost of collagen that smooths and evens skin tone and reduces wrinkles.

Although many European studies have been conducted on the effects of cryotherapy, not all doctors are convinced.

Heart disease afflicted patients are not yet advised to undergo cryotherapy as the treatment creates a relative amount of stress on the body and might lead to potential danger.

Cryotherapy is not yet FDA-approved, and certain medical conditions like hypertension and deep vein thrombosis can limit who should undergo the treatment.

A doctor’s recommendation is still important prior to undergoing any treatment like cryotherapy.

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