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Irene Tria |

Why are people scared of growing old? Maybe they’re frightened of getting weak and needy. They feel less important in their family. And some are anxious that they might become unable to function well and soon become a burden to their family.

That is why a lot of people choose to retire when they are eligible for private or public pension benefits. Although some retire when physical conditions no longer allow them to work due to illness or physical capabilities. A person may retire at whatever age they please.  But, a country’s tax laws and/or state old-age pension rules applies. It usually means that in a given country a certain age is considered as the “standard” retirement age.

Living in a country like Canada can be an exciting opportunity but at the same time a great challenge.

Part of being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they may apply for health benefits.

Cora Baris TLC Services, a certified Independent Living Attendant provides services to the community. Established in 2003, they already have 13 years experience of health care aide. Managed and owned by Ma’am Cora Baris she brought opportunities to her fellow Filipinos and other nationalities that need her assistance.

Cora Baris TLC Services serves as an agent for health care personnel to serve clients who need their services.

Aside from caregiver service, their staff can also go to their client’s house to provide all kinds of support they are incapable of doing like: (Personal Care Attendant, Home Support Worker, Companions, Laundry, Grocery, Cooking, Appointments).

Cora Baris TLC Services is an agency that can provide help to individuals who are already in the home care program which can be converted to self or family managed program.

Why make growing old complicated if you have these services to choose from. For further information, please call their number (204-228-6397) for assistance.

*** Every province and territory have their own home care program so each client should consult with their recommended health authorities.

Cora Baris, TLC, home care, home care program