Christmas Home Gift Ideas Under 500

christmas gift ideas

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

Christmas is coming! Why don’t you bring cheer to a new home? If you’re planning to spice up your living room or thinking of creative but useful gifts, we’ve figured out budget friendly gift ideas below Php500.


4. Home Scents (Php150 – Php350)

home scents

We always want our homes to appear appealing to our guests. Infusing your rooms with good scents will surely make your home inviting. Fragrance adds depth and character while giving each space in your home a different feel. In a living room, subtle floral is the perfect scent. For the kitchen, try fruity or thyme. For the bathroom, juicy grapefruit, crisp linen, or the candle version of your favorite perfume. For the bedroom, orange flower and lavender can promote relaxation.

3. Mini Shaped Pan (Php250)

mini pans

Who would think those mini pans aren’t cute? Non stick frying pans make mealtime enjoyable and fun especially for the kids. It features different shapes that come in stars, hearts and even smiley faces to make shaped eggs and pancakes.

2. Foam Throw Pillows (Php250 – Php450)

throw pillows

If you want to add color to your living room, throw pillows will surely bring that energy and style. Throw pillows placed on a bare sofa will spruce up boredom.  Find accent pillows and outdoor throw pillows and create a fresh look.

1. Melawares Gift Set (Php150 – Php300)


Whatever the occasion, surprise your favorite mommy friends with something special without breaking the bank. Melawares is one of the most trusted brand of plastic tableware in the Philippines.  You’ll find Melawares bowls, saucers, display trays, cake holder set, bread dish set, dessert stand available in different colors and styles.  It is the plastic tableware, which every wives and moms will be happy to have in their homes. Melawares are break resistant and can stack up your savings.

We choose what we give to the people we love. What’s important is, we never forget the thought.

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