Cell-based therapy: beating sports injuries and arthritis in a regenerative way

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Summer is a great time to exercise or play your favorite sports. Sports enthusiasts and athletes put their bodies on the line all in the name of the game. Along with stretching those muscles, may result to sports injuries such as sprain, tendonitis, tears, ligament injuries, tennis and golfer’s elbow. Soft tissue injuries may take a long time to heal, and athletes can’t afford to be away from the game for a long period of time.

The good news is that science has come up with an innovative set of medical therapies called Regenerative Medicine that provides non-invasive and non-surgical ways of treating various ailments and conditions.

Repair and heal

 Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. When injury occurs, one of the first repair cells that travel to the injury are platelets (these produce blood clots to prevent excessive bleeding).

Platelets are rich in many different growth factors that help attract other repair cells or “worker cells” that allow normal healing to take place. Our tendons and ligaments have poor blood supply, which leads to an incomplete or much delayed healing response. Every injection or platelet rich plasma (PRP) helps to bring these natural healing cells to an area in which blood supply is deficient, thereby allowing the body to repair the tissue faster.

Improve quality of life

One must be ready to face the reality of aging. The most common degenerative disease is arthritis which commonly affects the knee and occurs after the age of 40. Patients are frequently advised to undergo knee replacement surgery. Aside from complicated recovery period, success of the operation may be uncertain due to titanium implants.

“As much as possible, we don’t want our patients to be subjected to knee replacement because one of the problems they’ll encounter in the future is quality of life. Say, at the age of 50, you’re healthy but you can’t walk smoothly. With PRP, our goal is to improve the quality of life,” shares Dr. Eric Yalung, MD, Regenestem Manila Medical Director.

Give a face-lift

Recently, PRP therapy has also been utilized in aesthetics. With PRP therapy, the growth factors aid to replenish the skin volume and restore the skin elasticity.

Safe.  Effective. Reasonable price.

It helped a lot. I was cured. I was able to walk. I was even able to dance. So, I would recommend it to anyone who needs it. It fact, I have a friend who I already told it to, and I think he’s getting excited about it.”

– Selerina Solidum, 76 years old, former arthritis patient

In PRP therapy, a small amount of a patient’s blood is extracted and spun to develop a concentration of platelets and growth factors naturally found in the body. When then inject this platelet rich plasma into the damaged area. In addition to stimulating the body to heal itself, the platelet ‘graft’ serves as a biologic scaffold that provides optimal curative conditions in the injured area.

The success of the PRP therapy depends on the process and the growth factors achieved. Regenestem Manila uses a TriCell kit, a specialized machine which is used exclusively by the clinic. PRP therapy is relatively cheaper compared to surgical operations that cost hundreds of thousands. Sessions vary depending on the damaged area. For sports injuries, it usually takes about 3-4 monthly sessions.


Regenestem Manila is the first clinic in Asia of Regenestem, the international medical practice company focused on providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date stem cell treatments to patients from around the world. Located in Manila, Philippines, the clinic is composed of highly-qualified and experienced doctors and professionally-trained medical staff. Its state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the most advanced technologies available for the treatment, therapy, and follow up care of patients with medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, sports injuries, or those seeking anti-aging remedies, among other conditions.