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Digital Dementia may lead to sedentary lifestyles

Irene Tria | Vigorbuddy Herbalife, a global nutrition company, has released findings that the majority of Philippine's workforce leads largely sedentary lifestyles, putting them at...

What to Do When Your Child Has Flu

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy When your child wakes up sneezing, coughing, and having that achy, feverish feeling, chances are, your child has flu. Knowing the difference...
back pain patch

Why You Should Consider Pain Patches For Back Pain

Back pain can be very debilitating. It can affect the ability to function normally on a daily basis. There are many great pain relief...

How to Lose Fat in Your Hips and Tummy

Ana  Margarita Olar | Vigorbuddy.com Have you ever dreamed of fitting on your favorite top but ditch the idea because your stomach is bulging? Or...
before going to bed

5 Things You Should Do Before Going To Bed

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy After a long day of work and aiming to be successful, we all just want to lay down on our comfy...