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Inexpensive Glaucoma Alternative Treatment

Vigorbuddy.com Glaucoma is the silent thief that steals the lamp of the body – the eyes.  It is an eye disorder caused by the high...
Air Purifiers - Vigor Buddy

The Top 5 Advantages of Air Purifiers

The air we breathe determines our quality of life. The modern-day lifestyle is laden with air pollution, which makes each one of us inhale...

Study Proves that Exercise Can Improve Memory

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy If you're a gym fanatic, chances are it's not only your muscles that get the biggest benefit out of the routine exercises...

Facts on Dengue from The Medical City (TMC)

via The Medical City The month of June signals the start of the rainy season. With this comes the danger of Dengue being spread as mosquitoes...

Ways to Make Water Taste Better

By Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy.com Not everybody is fond of drinking water but we all need to drink it to stay hydrated and keep our body...