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Capsinesis: Your New Fitness Partner

Nadj Villaver | VigorBuddy.com Aiming to lose weight? We’ve got good news for you! VigorBuddy.com found an effective and convenient weight loss partner that could...

Why hormonal imbalance can cause Overweight, depression?

Vigorbuddy | Why hormonal imbalance can cause Overweight, depression? | Hormonal imbalance becomes a sort of common health problem nowadays, especially in women. It’s...
Mama Sita's

Mama Sita’s Joins Recently Held Philippine Harvest Event

Mama Sita's recently joined Philippine Harvest, a 3-day food and travel fair organized by the Department of Tourism last August 24-26, 2018. Along with more...
Blue Waffle disease

Is Blue Waffle Disease an STD?

The internet would always tell you that the blue waffle disease is a sexually transmitted disease that girls suffer from. As the name implies,...
2021 Bridal Wear Trends You Should Know About Today

2021 Bridal Wear Trends

VigorBuddy.com | 2021 Bridal Wear Trends | Girls, it is 2021 and you need to get with some new trends in bridal wear! After...