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The MakatiMed ED has been divided into two sections - Hot Zone for those at high risk of the virus and Cold Zone for those at low risk.

ER is still for medical emergencies – despite the pandemic

VIGORBUDDY.COM | ER is still for medical emergencies – despite the pandemic | A medical emergency is an acute illness or injury...
Discovery Suites Makes 2020-Vigor Buddy

Discovery Suites Makes Room for More

VigorBuddy|Discovery Suites Makes Room for More|January 2019 (Manila, Philippines) – Ease into a weekday urban getaway complete with the luxury of space. ...
French Tips Nail Parlour

Ever Thought About Getting An Eco-Friendly Pampering Session?

Mitzi Ilagan | VigorBuddy.com Even when you're not there, a woman sure knows how a salon smells like. The strong odors of acrylic nail polish,...
rainbow-philippines, rainbow-vacuum-cleaner, tips-to reduce-indoor-allergens

5 Tips to Reduce Indoor Allergens

By Nadj Villaver | Vigorbuddy.com Did you know that majority of persons sneeze less than 4 times a day, on average? If you’ve been sneezing...

Operation Leak Detection: Stop Water Damage at the Source

Nadj Villaver | VigorBuddy Did you know that a leaky faucet can waste over a gallon of water in a week? What more if there are...