Buhay Party List Gets Support from Human Life International Philippines

Human Life International Philippines
Buhay's first nominee, Von Valdepeñas presents its advocacies and programs to Human Life International Philippines

Vigor Buddy | Buhay Party List Gets Support from Human Life International Philippines | Pro-Life advocates Human Life International Philippines, through its country director, Dr. Rene Bullecer, has expressed support for Buhay Party List. Given its common stand on pro-life advocacies, HLI Philippines sees Buhay as its champion in the Philippine Congress to fight against bills that will go against the value of life.

Buhay Party List’s First Nominee Von Valdepeñas made a presentation in Cebu during HLI’s lenten recollection recently to showcase the programs that Buhay has been implementing and its legislative work in a span of two decades. HLI itself has been a staunch pro-life partner of the Catholic church in promoting pro-life advocacies and has been active in fighting the RH Bill, as part of Cebu’s lay initiatives. Dr. Rene Bullecer, a staunch pro-life advocate, once led the ceremonial burning of the RH Bill to strengthen their campaign against future pro-choice legislation.

Dr. Rene Bullecer
Dr. Rene Bullecer

About Dr. Rene Bullecer

Dr. Bullecer is HLI’s country director in the Philippines. He is a faithful Catholic and dedicated pro-life warrior, and an HLI missionary.

He is also saving the Philippines from the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Trained in HIV Medicine, Dr. Bullecer is one of the leading experts in the Philippines on the growing global HIV and AIDS crisis.

Dr. Bullecer, is a physician by profession and is an active broadcaster through HLI’s pro-life radio network.

About Von Valdepeñas

Buhay first nominee Von Valdepeñas was a former number 1 municipal councilor of Los Baños, Laguna in 2004. He was the council’s Committee chair on Public Works, Infrastructure, and Telecommunication.

Von Valdepeñas
Von Valdepeñas

The party-list nominee was also the Regional Executive Director of the Philippine Councilors’ League for Region IV-A, and the National Liaison Officer for Luzon of the National Movement of Young Legislators.

Valdepeñas was an Information Technology consultant to the Office of the Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and was a KALIPI-Liberal Party vice-chair.

A born entrepreneur, he started running his own businesses since 1997 via Von’s Coconut Lumber; Petron Gasoline Station (manager/dealer for Los Baños); Asianware Technologies Corp. (2003-present); Baseline Unlimited Inc. (2009 to date) and Vladimir “V1” Corporation (real estate, transportation, construction, and trading).

In 2019, Valdepeñas worked as Goodwill Philippines president and Country Manager who champions the cause of persons with disabilities (PWDs).

He is a BA Management Economics graduate from Ateneo de Manila University and took the Advanced Management Program and Senior Executive Fellows (a development program for executives) at Harvard University, Massachusetts.

Valdepeñas is married to Chi Atienza, daughter of the former Manila Mayor and current vice-presidential candidate, and they have three children.

His political, entrepreneurial, and educational background made him the top choice for Buhay Party-List’s first nominee in the May 9 elections.

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