Best Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

I often hear my grandmother say that in order for us to be healthy and increase our chances of naturally fighting various diseases, we need to include fruits and vegetables in our diets. Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential parts of any healthy diet.

There are a few the prefer to eat them raw, however a lot of related information that are available are confusing when it comes to the best way to eat vegetables and fruit.

What is the best way to eat vegetables and fruit?

1. Fruits contain sugar and some fruits have more sugar than others.

Most fruits contain a quantity of sugar which make a serving of fruit enough as a snack. A generous serving of fruit salad can contain as much sugar as a slice of cake. We shouldn’t neglect our total sugar intake when it comes to fruit just because it’s healthy. People with diabetes, cardio-vascular illness or pancreatic disease should eat fruits in moderation.

2. Juices have too many nutrients but too little fiber.

Although juices cleanse and the smoothie craze are fast becoming a fad, be cautious if you want to join the smoothie bandwagon. It is true that there is nothing wrong with an occasional glass of freshly squeezed juice, but if you fancy it, it’s not healthy for you.

Extracting the juice out of vegetables and fruits leaves out the skins, pulp and fiber.  Many health benefits of fruits and vegetables depend on these components. Some cancer-preventing properties of many fruits are found beneath their skins, particularly in the flavonoids. The anti-ageing properties are said to be found in the skins of plenty of fruits contain collagen and colorful anti-oxidants.

The substances you manage to absorb will be forced into your system all at once. This is a bad thing. The fiber that is naturally present in fruit manages the nutrient absorption into your blood stream. This process makes you full longer and avoids big fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

3.There are fruits and vegetables that are healthier when cooked.

Many raw fruits and vegetables can contain harmful substances that can bring illness to our system or upset the delicate digestive balance. It is highly advised that we cook them, making them safer to eat and easier to digest.

We never know which of the fresh produce gets bombarded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Some health benefits of fresh produce only becomes ‘activated’ when the fruits and vegetables are cooked. In other words, you will not gain as many health benefits from eating some raw vegetables and fruits.

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