Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles for the Lazy Girl


A lot of people like to assume that low maintenance hairstyles are basically about looking plain and boring when that is certainly not the case. If you happen to be someone who is slightly fashion conscious but doesn’t want to go too overboard with the hairstyles she picks, there are some amazing low maintenance styles you would absolutely love. Take a look at all of some of the best ones in this post!

  • Pixie Cuts

Yes, a pixie cut can be a little intimidating but if you have never had short hair before, we would suggest you go for. It doesn’t need much maintenance as such. It is, in fact, a little shocking at first but a pixie cut is also very bold. Once you have a pixie cut, you will easily be able to style your hair in any way you want. Once in a while, you will need a little bit of trimming, but that way you will never have to worry about styling your hair anymore with the look you have. It is chic, effortless and perfect for a fun loving and lazy girl.

  • Long Bangs

Long bangs are very easy. Most people think it is a lot of maintenance when the reality is the exact opposite. Long bangs are much less of a hassle, experts have the same thing to say about this too. They are simpler to take care of because they don’t need many trims often. They are great and can drive your bangs to look even better. The best thing about bangs is that you can shape them whenever you want. Overall, they happen to be very low key and they do compliment many hairstyles at the same time. So, make sure to go for long bangs.

  • The Lob

A low maintenance hair cut is also called the lob. Many popular celebs such as Jennifer Lawrence and Khloe Kardashian have tried them and it has looked absolutely perfect. If you want to have hair of medium length, then do go for this one. It is feminine, chic and totally low maintenance. If you are someone who has naturally wavy hair and would love to keep your hair long and sexy at all times, do take a look at the lob. It will suit you for sure!

  • Undercut

If you are looking for something that is edgy and doesn’t want to go high maintenance at the same time, the undercut will make you fall in love. It works quite well on any type of hair length and works well if you want a low key ponytail or maybe a bun. The only maintenance you will need or keeping it for a short period of time. Otherwise, you could just allow it to grow without even having to worry about it.

  • Straight hair

Having straight hair is also a perfect idea if you are looking for a simple and low maintenance hair style. It looks perfect, doesn’t get tangled very quickly, is super easy to maintain and doesn’t cost you a whole lot of money either. Straight hair is also super tidy, it smooths down your hair easily and is easy to part. It doesn’t even break off very easily and you can wash it without feeling like it’s a hassle. So yes, if you really want straight hair, go for it!

  • Cascading layers

One of the best low maintenance hairstyles is called the layered hairstyle. It is easy, lovely and absolutely timeless. If you prefer to keep your hair long, then some nicely played layers could make a big difference. A nice and long hairstyle with some layers can improve the texture and volume, thereby keeping the haircuts from falling flat or even looking plain. If you have been looking for some uber cool hair ideas, then the cascading layers will definitely be a great choice. And guess what? Celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have tried it too and it looks perfect on them

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