Best Gifts for Your Wife to Surprise Her on this Karwa Chauth


Karwa Chauth is the festival which celebrates the eternal love and bond between a married couple. Across India, women celebrate it with great enthusiasm and zeal. They keep fast for the whole day, not eating anything, some women don’t even drink water, to get blessings from God for the long life of their husband. As the women do so much for their husbands, it is only fair of them to expect a small token of love on this special day.

So, for all you men out there who are looking for options to surprise your wife on this Karwa Chauth, we present a list that makes it easy for you to choose a perfect gift for her on this special day. Some options for Karwa Chauth gifts are –

  1. Your time – The most valuable present that you can gift your wife on this Karwa Chauth is your time. On this day as your wife fasts, she expects some love and support that you can provide her. As this day is very special to her, your presence makes her happy and content. So plan to spend the major part of your day with her, showering your love on her and surely you will see how happy and surprised she is.
  2. Bangles – In India, one of the most associated accessories with marriage are Bangles. In different parts of the country, bangles of various colors and material are worn by ladies to symbolize their marital status as a happily married woman. So bangles are the aptest gift on this occasion. You will find shops and markets flooded with a variety of bangles you can choose from for your wife,  just keep her bangle handy to match size if you are buying alone.
  3. Cake – Though your wife is not going to eat the whole day, she will end her fast in the evening after seeing and worshiping the moon. To mark the special day you can order a Cake of her choice so that she can enjoy this delicacy and have a sweet end to a tough day. You can order a special Photo cake, with a photo which delights her printed on it. Or order a flavor which she had been craving for and please her taste buds. You can easily get delivery of cake in bangalore on Karwa Chauth and make the celebrations cheerful and memorable
  4. Saree – To show your steadfast love you can gift her a saree. A woman never minds a new dress, and saree is one Indian dress that all women seek eagerly.  Just try to recall the color she mentioned she does not have, and voila` you can buy her that and win her heart all over again.
  5. Jewellery  – All women love jewellery and it is a gift that can never go wrong with them. The variety of options available to you which do not require size are nosepin, earrings, pendant, and chain. Whereas if you need to buy bangles or ring for her, you need to be sure of size, have her with you or use her ring or bangle for size reference, if its a surprise. Jewellery is available in many styles and variety, so you have a plethora of options to surprise her.
  6. Makeup kit – You can gift her a makeup kit and make her happy. The kits contain a variety of makeup items like lipstick, mascara, Kohl, nail paint, blusher, eyeshadow, foundation and many other things. They come in many sizes, small ones containing only the necessary things to big ones which contains everything a woman can need to get ready. So find the one that she would be using, please her with your excellent gift.
  7. Portrait – You can present her with a beautiful portrait of hers alone or with you along with her. Chose that perfect picture that she loves the most, and get it transformed into a framed masterpiece, you will delight her beyond words by gifting it to her.
  8. Salon coupons – You can pamper her a little by giving her some salon coupons or getting a booking done for her. Let her indulge in some luxury and feel like a queen on this auspicious day. She will love this sweet gesture of yours forever, and you are sure to get the pampering in return.
  9. Handbag – A woman can never have enough of them, a utility as well as a passion for women. You can choose from the sling bags, clutches, shoulder bags, toto bags, and jholas, and many options are available in color and material also.  Gift her a handbag this Karwa Chauth and please her.

These were a few things that we think make wonderful karwa chauth gifts; you can also get in touch with your wife’s friend or sister to help you in buying a perfect gift for her.Spend time with her and present a token of your love in the form of gift and you will make this day more charming and memorable for her. We wish you and your wife, a loving and a delightful Karwa Chauth.