Best Food And Liquor Combos For Holiday Parties

Food And Liquor Combos

With the season of holiday parties around, your search for the best destination to hit for an amazing getaway begins. However, a party is never fulfilling until there is a good amount of booze and delicious foods to go with it. These add a flavor to the holiday party like none other. Let us read on to know about the best food and liquor combos you can have for the holiday parties.

Spicy Foods and Wine

Foods prepared with extensive spices provide an unmatchable experience for those who love to indulge in them. It definitely makes you feel up and alive. If you are searching for an alcoholic delight that shall combine well with spicy foods, it would be low-alcohol wine. According to an article, it shall only add to the deliciousness of the food for all the party mongers.

Pickled Vegetables and Bourbon

The reason behind this is that salt and sweet makeup for a great combination. Pickled vegetables are loaded with a sense of saltiness and are rich in a bundle of spices. Drinking a glass of bourbon with them completes the party, owing to its sweetness and tangy flavor. Besides, the salty nature of the food plays a vital role in balancing alcohol’s burn.

You can also open a bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon and take pleasant sips of it while having your favorite dish at the party.

Duck Breast and Tequila

You need an amazing partner for your beautiful tequila that compliments the taste gracefully. Due to the potency of the tequila, it requires a food combination rich in fats to go well with it. What better than a delicious piece of duck breast to do that for you? Try it with your glass of don julio 1942 and Johnnie Walker for an absolutely unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to add a slice of seasonal vegetables to the dish, in order for it to stand out from the rest.

Glazed Chicken and Rum

As we all know that the origin of rum is sugar and comes out of molasses, the food should make up to be a complete fit for it play with your taste buds along with your drink. An article suggests that the complex profile of the chicken, along with the glaze, combines amazingly with the rum. For those who wish to try something new and deviate from the normal can try including rum in the marinade for the chicken.

Pairing chocolate with a glass of rum is another choice that you may venture into, simply because of its ability to give you an amazing experience. Hence, the next time you bring a bottle of rum to a party, don’t forget to take along chocolate gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Sushi Nigiri and Rye

Rye has a wild side to it, which happens to beat even a glass of bourbon at it. It requires a salty yet savory food that can be pleasing to the senses. The high content of fat due to the fish, the appealing nature of the rice, and the salt from the seaweed shall make for a wonderful experience along with your glass of rye.  

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A great food and alcohol combination at the party can add to the excitement manifold. Hence, it is imperative to get it right for the sake of an admirable time. With this list at your disposal, you now know which combos to lay your hands on the next time you have a holiday party.