Beauty Routines You Should Have Before Turning 30

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By: Ana Margarita Olar|

From being a teen to around early 20’s is the time of beauty experiment. During this time, a woman “experiments” with different beauty and cosmetic products. But, before turning 30, you should have established a beauty routine of your own. Here are some beauty regimen which should be on your list::


The number one beauty routine on your list must be to cleanse the skin at least twice daily. Apply a gentle cleanser upon waking up to get rid of the oil that accumulates overnight. And no matter how tiring your day was, don’t forget to cleanse your skin at night. You are exposed to every pollutant and chemicals every day.  Your skin deserves a thorough and gentle cleansing before going to bed.

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Cleansing and other beauty products can strip the natural oil from your skin.  So you need to moisturize. Choose water based moisturizers based on your skin type. This beauty routine will delay the occurrence of wrinkles. It will keep your skin plump and supple for a graceful aging.


There are exfoliating products that you can use at home but if you have a sensitive skin, you can go to a dermatologist. This beauty routine should be done with extra care. During exfoliation, make sure you are not exposed to the sun. you must always wear a sun protection to avoid damage to the skin.


This beauty routine is mostly neglected, but definitely important. Always wear a sunscreen to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. These harmful rays cause premature aging as well as skin cancer.


One of the most common beauty problems when it comes to aging is the soggy eye bags. Prevent this by applying eye creams especially to that thin layer of skin under the eyes.


Hairstyle and makeup often come and go. There are lots of hairstyles and hair colors to choose from. And as for make ups, you don’t always have to go with the trend. Choose a color combination that suits your skin type and the occasion as well.

And finally, the ultimate beauty routine we all should do is to live healthily. Yes, back to basics. Eat healthy, ditch smoking and alcohol, drink plenty of water, and engage in physical activity. And most importantly, choose to live a life free from worries and enjoy life!