Beauty 101: Making Your Hair Ready for Christmas Season

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By: Ana Margarita Olar|

The air is getting cold and its “-ber” months. It signals that Christmas Season is fast approaching. It is the time for reunions, and parties everywhere. But, exposure to cold air can give you a bad hair day. Attending parties and reunions with a dry and frizzy hair doesn’t sound glamorous.

Here are some ways to achieve a luscious hair for the Christmas season:


Cleanse your hair every day with a mild shampoo. This will get rid of pollutants and dirt which could cause hair damage if left overnight. Use warm water to wash your hair. This will help in removal of dirt. Be sure to use warm and not hot water. Hot water will strip off the natural oil of your hair.


While having a shower, take this time to massage your scalp. To avoid abrasions or scratches, use your finger pads and not your fingernails when massaging your scalp. A gentle massage will facilitate blood flow and nourish your scalp with oxygen and nutrients. This will also stimulate the secretion of natural oil to your hair.


Just as your skin needs moisturizer, your hair needs conditioner as well. Apply a conditioner every day after cleansing your hair. This will keep your hair soft and moisturized. A well-moisturized hair can repel pollutants. Dry hair and scalp can catch pollutants and harbor the growth of microorganisms such as fungi.


Your hair is made up of protein. So keratin which is a type of protein can help repair hair damage. Depending on the type of treatment, keratin can straighten or soften curls, and eliminate frizz. If done on a regular basis, it can contribute to a healthier hair.

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Extreme styling such as the use of curling and flat iron, mixed with cold air and the harsh wind is a deadly combination for the hair. Your hair won’t be able to endure these extremes and can lead to hair damage. What you can do is to keep your hair moisturized. To avoid breaking and split ends, stay away from curling and flat irons for the mean time.


Split ends and hair damage cannot be totally prevented. That’s why you need to trim the ends of your hair regularly. This can be done, every 3 to 6 months depending on the type of hair and the severity of hair damage.

Your hair contributes a lot to your overall looks. So be sure to take care of your hair to look fab this Christmas season!