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By: Mitzi Ilagan |

Gym and working out selfies has become a trend in social media platforms today. Fitness buffs and fad-driven individuals enrol in workout programs to become fit. They expect good results right away, in only a few months, or even weeks, which is impossible.

FitFast Wellness Center has specialized programs for everybody’s needs. With a one goal in mind: To make you look good and feel great. 

With their new branch in Makati, one can now experience a comprehensive fitness plan. Their philosophy is that a healthy mind in a healthy body is one of the most crucial factors to living the best life.

The newest and most dynamic fitness hub offers a specialized Weight Loss Programs and Human Performance. Their program is a complete circuit workout, pylometrics, TRX, footwork, and weight training with boxing.

Fit Fast Services
(photo coutesy of Fit Fast)

Boxing burns 50% more calories than the conventional exercise program. That is why; most consider it as an effective weight loss program.

Also, they have certified nutritionists, physical therapists, and coaches for each client.  Each client has a one on one session with them to provide the correct fitness plan. FitFast reassure everyone that every program is what they need. It comes for free (trial) once you enroll either boxing or strengthening program.

FitFast has state-of-the-art technology for sports rehabilitation and massage therapy. Shapefast Cellutrim and Trimfast G5 are for clients who want massage programs to tone muscle and lose weight.

In the future, FitFast looks forward to creating virtual and interactive training. This will cater individual who has no time to work out or even do a set for 5 minutes. Through smartphones, they can work on their biceps while working on presentation at their own pace.


Fit Fast Facility
Fit Fast Facilities (photo courtesy of Fit Fast)
Fit Fast Facility _
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Fit Fast Coaches
Fit Fast Certified Coach (photo courtesy of Fit Fast)
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(photo courtesy of Fit Fast)

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May it be summer or not, everyone deserves to have a fit and strong body to flaunt. All you need are discipline, patience and the goal to have a better lifestyle. And FitFast’s got the rest.