Awesome Benefits of Watermelon


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

Watermelon has now become one of the healthiest foods in the world. Although, carrying one home is a chore, its taste, texture, color, sweetness, and the remarkable health benefits of watermelon have made it a preferred fruit for literally eternity.

Here are some amazing things you didn’t know about this veggie-fruit, diets you can include it in, scrumptious recipes, and all its health benefits.

You might already know that watermelon is very healthy. You might also know it’s cooling, refreshing, chock-full of vitamins and has the right kind of sugar that will keep you running all day long without harming your system and glucose levels in the blood. Be aware that it’s highly hydrating and that, in the summertime, it’s much more advisable to drink as much watermelon juice as you can, rather than plain water. However, you might not know the following surprising health benefits of this big round fruit.

1. Watermelon has more lycopene than tomatoes

Lycopene is an antioxidant from the carotenoid family which gives fruits and vegetables a distinct red color. This is also the reason why it’s most often associated with tomatoes, which are considered the best source of lycopene.

Surprisingly enough, the truth about tomato having more lycopene than watermelon is is wrong. The latter is actually higher in its lycopene content.

2. Watermelon juice is an excellent treatment for sore muscles

It is very high in I-citrulline. I-citrulline is an amino-acid which protects against muscle pain.

After your next workout, juice a third of a watermelon in your juicer and drink it. Just be careful how much you drink. It’s juice is high in fructose.

3. Watermelon rind and seeds are completely edible

It is edible in its entirety. The sweet flesh can be consumed as it is, frozen, fried or grilled. The fruit’s rind can be eaten raw. You may consume the seeds as well, well roasted, as a snack. The seeds are ground like flour which is then added to bread.

4. Watermelon is made almost entirely out of water

It is 91% liquid. This high percentage makes them the perfect fruit for hydration during summer. It is a preferred choice by far when it comes to losing weight or cleansing diets. The reason is that going on a watermelon diet is relatively easy and tasty. While on this type of diet, you are supposed to eat nothing else but this fruit for a short while.

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