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Why is it Important to Show Affection and Love for Your Soulmate Every Single...

We all dream about meeting that Mr. or Mrs. Right that we plan to spend the rest of our lives with. When we finally...
coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trial Begins

VigorBuddy.com | JR Aldiosa | Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trial Begins | The first-stage safety study clinical trial of a potential vaccine for COVID-19, the...

Asthma: It’s in your Home

Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy.com Which do you think is cleaner, the air you breathe outside your home or the one inside? I guess you think that the...

Man Almost Dies from Ghost Pepper Challenge

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy A NewsBeat Social video reports a 47-year-old man being rushed to a San Francisco emergency room from eating ghost peppers. Doctors says that...
mind and body

7 Stress-Busting Techniques for a Healthy Mind and Body

Nowadays, stress is the public enemy no. 1. When you consider a contemporary person’s lifestyle, the fact that stress levels are seriously high shouldn’t...