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How Can Dogs Affect the Lives of Senior Citizens?

Getting old is never a pretty sight. But it can become much more manageable if you have a companion by your side. Pets are...

What Is Baking Soda and What Are Its Effects on Your Teeth?

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy Baking soda is intended first and foremost as a baking ingredient, but has many wonderful home uses besides its original purpose....

Ancient cuisine 101

by Sudhir Ahluwalia | VigorBuddy.com | Numerous references to the high cost of imported spices, especially those from outside the Mediterranean region, appear in Greek, Roman,...
back pain

5 Common Causes that Induce Back Pain

Back pains come in a variety of disguises – right from slight discomfort in that area and dull burning sensations to incapacitating and excruciating...
Yonat Zilberg

Yonat Zilberg – Finding the Best Facial Spa in Los Angeles

Vigor Buddy | Yonat Zilberg – Finding the Best Facial Spa in Los Angeles | A method for caring for one's skin that has...