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cash loan

3 Ways to Finance Health-Related Matters Through a Cash Loan in the Philippines

Health is a very important aspect of one's life because you wouldn't really function well or would be able to achieve your goals without...

The Medical City’s Brain Attack Team Saves Lives

via The Medical City | Brain attack or stroke is the country’s second leading cause of death. How do you know if someone is having...
toxic chemicals

Why are Children More Vulnerable to Toxic Chemicals?

Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed. D. | VigorBuddy “Toxicoly is that any synthetic or natural chemical can be harmful if ingested in a large enough...
glaucoma, alternative-treatment-for-glaucoma, treatment-fo-glaucoma

Inexpensive Glaucoma Alternative Treatment

Vigorbuddy.com Glaucoma is the silent thief that steals the lamp of the body – the eyes.  It is an eye disorder caused by the high...

Man Almost Dies from Ghost Pepper Challenge

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy A NewsBeat Social video reports a 47-year-old man being rushed to a San Francisco emergency room from eating ghost peppers. Doctors says that...