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5 Romantic Fitness Date Ideas

Nadj Villaver | Vigorbuddy.com Aside from eating at your favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner this coming, you can encourage your partner to be your...
boost your immunity

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity to Enjoy Long Life

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com Our immunity plays a vital role in our health and wellness. Do you notice how one easily get sick while...

Natural Ways to Prevent Flu

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy Good health habits can go a long way in preventing flu. Nowadays, Filipinos are enticed to undergo flu immunization, but to...

Fighting the Battle Against Obesity through Awareness and Empathy

VigorBuddy|Obesity is now recognized as a progressive chronic disease similar to diabetes or high blood pressure by expert societies such as the Philippine Association...
Binondo Beauty Supply - Vigorbuddy

Binondo Beauty Supply ” The Art of Beauty”

Binondo Beauty Supply (BBS) is a one-stop shop in the country, where beauty is a priority. The products they offer are created putting beauty enthusiasts...