Are You An Instagram Husband?

instagram husband

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

In an era where social media is very important not only to teens but to all people in all walks of life, we have learned that the fastest and one of the most engaging way to share our stories is to post pictures of our moments. Couples have seen social media as a ground where they can express their admiration to each other. One of the most used applications is Instagram. Who would not be hooked up with its fun filters and beautifully taken photos? Who would not want to spend time looking and admiring it? While others are too addicted with #RelationshipGoals on Facebook or surfing films and series on Netflix, Instagram has been a ground for couples who showed their love through creative shots with matching perfect filters.

But this article is not for the couples who would constantly post pictures of them together and sharing their journey on the road to forever. This article is for the people behind the camera. The ones who would patiently take photos of you in your best angle. The ones who would wait and resist drinking that latte even if it runs cold because you are taking a photo. The ones who would be your “human selfie stick”. The ones who would supply you with the best caption before you post it online. Yes, this one is for our Instagram Husband.

An Instagram Husband is someone who would take pictures of other person for their Instagram. The term may also be applied not only to males but to females as well, or to any other person who take pictures of you. Only a few of knows what an Instagram Husband is, and is actually aware that they are one. It is important that you know if you are one of them, or just a bystander while the love of your life is working hard to snap great pictures. There are signs that will state whether you are an Instagram husband or not.

Let’s start with you being their personal photographer. This would include taking so many pictures just for her to pick at least two photos. You also had arguments which originated from taking a single photo of that pose! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN DOZENS DUDE! Of course, you are an Instagram Husband if you have taken more photos for your partner than for yourself. That is the sweetest thing you can do for them – besides picking the best filter, and thinking for the best caption that will suit the picture. And there are more signs that can tell whether you are an Instagram Husband.

If you are still confused or uncertain about it, why not watch this video about Instagram Husband. This satire, entertainment vid aims to give you a glimpse of what social media does to couples.

Liked what you just saw? If you think (and know in your heart) that you are one of the Instagram Husbands out there, then let me hug you. You guys deserve a tap on the back (and stay there because we’ll be taking a picture of it).

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