Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses for Correcting Vision

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Vigorbuddy | Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses for Correcting Vision | When the eyesight of a person deteriorates for some reason, he/she may be prescribed to wear glasses or lenses for correcting the vision.

Contact Lenses

Some people find it uncomfortable wearing glasses all the time and thus, they prefer the use of contact lenses. Different kinds of lenses are available, which differ in many factors. There is no risk of damage while wearing these lenses and can be used in all weather conditions, even in heavy rains.

Prime benefits of using contact lenses regularly

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  • Widen the vision – People can see much better when they use contact lenses because you do not need to adjust your specs to get a clear vision. As these contact lenses are carefully placed over the cornea, the visual power along the central and peripheral parts of the eye increases to a large extent. There is no chance of the distortion of images or reflection of the glare due to these lenses. But if you have sensitive eyes then you need to consult your doctor because you cannot use lenses on your sensitive eyes. 
  • Comfortable for eyes – These lenses are made of materials that do not cause any irritation to the eyes. The centre part of such lenses is made of a highly durable substance while the peripheral part is made of softer ingredient, to make the lens more visually empowered for users.  All kinds of hybrid contact lenses, including soft and rigid lenses, are comfortable for wearers even if they need to wear these lenses throughout the day and night. But, you need to choose soft lenses for your everyday uses. 
  • Impart better look – Now, the contact lenses are available in many colours, which help people to change the natural shades of their eyeballs. Young people wear lenses of colours matching their dresses on special occasions, making it a style statement.  However, no one should wear these lenses without the prescriptions of eye specialists. Moreover, they should buy lenses only from recommended brands, as low-quality lenses can damage your cornea.
  • Rectify visual problems – All kinds of eye problems, like astigmatism, myopia or near sightedness, and hyperopia or farsightedness can be corrected by the use of lenses. Special contact lenses are prescribed for the cure of each eye problem so that patients can see everything clearly. If the cornea of the eye is adversely affected, scleral lenses with greater diameter are given for correcting that problem. 

Various types of contact lenses prescribed by ophthalmologists 

  • Soft lenses are made of plastic of soft and flexible texture, to allow the oxygen to pass through it to the cornea. Some latest lenses contain silicone hydrogel to create an easy passage for oxygen to reach cornea. So, you can use them in night, and you do not need to remove your lenses frequently. 
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses have greater longevity and often provide a clearer vision. This type of lens is more cost-effective, and the maintenance is also much simpler, as the risk of damage is much lesser for this lens.  However, it is less comfortable than soft lenses and may take longer for the wearer to get used to it. 
  • Extended wear lenses can be used while working overnight and it can be used continuously for even 30 days at a stretch. It is made of the same soft plastic as the soft lenses. Even, some specially designed rigid lenses can be used for wearing overnight. 

Hence, contact lenses are very popular among all men and women even if they need some time to get used to these lenses that touch their eyes directly.