3 Benefits of Activated Charcoal


Maria Suzanne Plana | Vigorbuddy.com

Activated charcoal is the new wellness fad these days. This dark colored detox wonder is made by heating or processing ordinary charcoal to develop its adsorbent property. This adsorbent property benefits the body in different ways by binding it with unwanted substances. Below are just some of the many benefits gained from using activated charcoal.

Oral Health

Activated charcoal is a good way to improve your oral health. Because of its adsorbent properties, it balances the ph level of the mouth and helps whiten teeth by ridding off substances that stain the teeth like plaque. Simply brush your teeth with the powder as normal to achieve a healthy mouth.

Detox and Cleanse

The many micro pores of activated charcoal helps it bind with substances causing gas therefore if you have problems with bloating, you might want to take an activated charcoal pill or detox water. Also, because of its detoxifying properties, it is a good cleanser to help rid the body of toxins thus helping you achieve better skin and body health.

Toxin treatment

Because of its detoxifying properties, it is often used as a quick remedy to toxic ingestion like food poisoning and overdose of medicines like aspirin and drugs like cocaine. It can also help the body get rid of harmful substances unintentionally taken through foods with pesticides and fertilizers.

Activated charcoal can be easily found in powder or capsule form. It is also sold at an affordable price

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