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Marie-Seguismundo, Herbalife-Marketing-Manager
Marie Seguismundo, Herbalife Marketing Manager

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It is known to many that Aloe (often called as aloe vera)  is a remedy for skin conditions like: burns, sunburn, frostbite, psoriasis, and cold sores. Researchers also said that aloe can hydrate through three epidermal layers of the skin when used topically. It provides the benefit of driving nutrients and other constituents into the deeper layers of the skin, which promotes epidermal health. Aloe vera can be used to:

  • Provide hydration to the skin
  • Promote an attractive, refreshed and healthy appearance
  • Reduce the appearance of damaged skin
  • Cool and soothe the skin after prolonged sun exposure

But did you know that Aloe gel, the clear, jelly-like substance found in the inner part of the aloe plant leaf are used for medicines? Yes! Aloe medications can be taken by mouth or applied to the skin. Aloe gel is taken by mouth for osteoarthritis, bowel diseases including ulcerative colitis, fever, itching and inflammation, and as a general tonic. It is also used for stomach ulcers, diabetes,asthma, and for treating some side effects of radiation treatment.

Another amazing benefit of aloe is that it help suites the stomach to support good digestion and nutrient absorption. The aloe is said to improve the digestion and to relieve ulcers. Some people consider it a laxative, while others attribute that effect to its digestive qualities (which normalize the system and induce regularity).

Last February 8, 2016 at the Herbalife Bloggers Conference, the global nutrition company announced the latest addition in their cluster of nutritional products, the Mango Flavor Herbal Aloe Concentrate.

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Herbal Aloe Concentrate support healthy digestion with a refreshing drink mix that provides organic nutrients and enzymes from the aloe vera plant. Because of its delicious mango flavor, you can now enjoy your aloe concentrate with water or mix it with your favorite beverage.

The Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango is made from raw, certified organic aloe barbadensis leaves grown in Mexico and is easy to prepare.

Dr Francis Samonte, Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board
Dr. Francis Gregory Samonte, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board

Dr. Francis Gregory Samonte, a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board highlighted that digestive health-related disease among Filipinos is a worsening problem that needs immediate attention. Filipinos are suffering in silence from digestive health problems, which could be easily prevented by taking the right food at the right time, according to the expert.

So better start young and do the ultimate healthy habit of adding a cupful of Herbal Aloe Concentrate Mango to your daily meal. Cheers!

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