A Guide to Healthy and Happy Aging

Happy Aging

“God, let the others grow old, not me,” said Joey Tribbiani on the day of his 30th birthday, and all of us who have been through that and more can totally relate. The media isn’t helping, either. Buy an anti-aging face cream, use night masks that reduce wrinkles, don’t frown too much, and don’t smile too much. If you really must grow old, don’t let anybody see it. It’s as if the whole world has decided that aging is a shameful and very unfortunate consequence of living. Not to mention the diminishing job opportunities, as well as health deterioration. No wonder we all suffer from gerontophobia if we have nothing to look forward to. However, this is not entirely true. Fear comes from a lack of understanding, as well as not knowing what to expect. Getting older is part of the journey and it brings many blessings.

Balanced diet

As we get older, we need to be more careful about our diet. In order to stay fresh and feisty, you need to eat a lot of fruit and veggies, as well as try your best to avoid binging on sugar or alcohol. You can do everything in moderation, but focus on salads and the healthy stuff. Plus, make sure to eat plenty of fibre, such as beans, nuts and whole grains as they manage cholesterol levels.


Water is the source of a healthy life and that’s not just a commercial catchphrase. Staying properly hydrated is crucial for all people, especially when it comes to aging. People who drink plenty of water tend to have softer and more beautiful skin, fewer wrinkles, more energy and are generally healthier than others.


Getting older also requires you to make some adjustments. Nothing scary, you should simply try and make your life easier and more enjoyable. That means changing some habits or your environment. If house maintenance becomes too much of a hassle, why not consider spending your golden age in an elderly facility such as Mark Moran Vaucluse retirement living home? It can be a great opportunity for you to start over with fewer chores and more time for yourself and for socializing.

Healthy teeth

Dental health is an unfairly neglected part of taking care of ourselves. It’s usually considered marginal, but it can lead to serious illnesses that may even end fatally. Liver and kidney failure, respiratory infections, dementia and cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. Regular check-ups will do the trick and having healthy teeth will up your mood, as well as your smile.

Get moving

Staying active is key to aging well. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bones and our muscles will get a bit rusty. This is why they need exercise. Of course, by exercise we don’t mean running marathons or winning gymnastics competitions. It simply means you need to keep your body active. Walking is the easiest and most efficient. One hour of walking a day is more beneficial than you can ever imagine. So, next time you feel gloomy or cranky – it’s time for a walk. If you’re too lazy to go on your own, call a buddy or get a dog, they’re always up for it!

If you try and rationalize the whole aging issue, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Everyone does it. It’s not like you’ll be the only oldie and all your friends will make fun of you. You’re in this together, so just take it easy. Sure, some things will get harder, but some will get better, so just stay focused on the positive.