8 Healthcare Tips for Healthier Nails


Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Nails are one of the tiniest and most important part of your body. That is why one should take extra caution when taking care of those buds. Here are a few ways how.

  1. Stop biting your nails. If you have picked this habit when you were still young, then drop it! Not only is it disgusting and nasty, it is also unhealthy. Biting it can cause harm to your nail bed. Even the smallest cut can catch bacteria, virus and fungi causing it to accumulate there and get infected. If the reason you bite it are hangnails, then clip it off. You don’t want to risk infection do you?
  1. Moisturize often. Hand lotions can help moisturize nails. When applying hand lotion, make sure you also apply them to your nails. You can also try using Petroleum jelly.
  1. Use clean tools in cleaning. It is a must when cleaning your nails. Make sure your nail cutters, pushers, cuticle removers and other nail care tools are free of rust and well sterilized. If you go to the salon to clean your nails, make sure that your nail technician has clean tools. Or better yet, bring your own tools to reduce the chance of infection.
  1. Dry your nails. Too much exposure to water adds to the cause of brittleness and dryness. Dry your nails instantly after exposing to water.healthcare tips for a healthier nails
  1. Be aware of your nail polish. Look for nail polish that has low chemical content. Apply very thin coats and wait for a minute or two to put another coat. Enjoy them for a week, then remove it with a nail polish remover. DO NOT PEEL IT OFF. Peeling it will aggravate the nail bed leading to damage.
  1. Use rubber gloves. No one can avoid using chemicals especially when cleaning at home. But you can avoid damaging your nails by wearing rubber gloves to prevent direct exposure to chemicals.
  1. Limit your manicures/pedicures. A once in awhile trip to the salon for manicures and pedicures can be fun, but not every week! Those who indulged regularly in professional manicures and pedicures are more likely to suffer from dry, brittle nails according to a study done by Dr. Dana Stern, a dermatologist in Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City, and colleagues. They theorized that the brittleness and dryness of the nails were due to too much exposure to harsher chemicals and ingredients.
  1. Additional protein and Biotin. Of course, eating healthy would also contribute to healthy nails. Because your nails are made of proteins called keratin, eating food rich in protein would help. Try eating high-protein food at least thrice each week to give your nails extra nutrients. Additional Biotin (aka Vitamin H) would also help. Consult your doctor about your intake of Biotin.