7 Things To Learn Before Dating A Person in a Wheelchair

Dating A Person in a Wheelchair
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VigorBuddy.com | 7 Things To Learn Before Dating A Person in a Wheelchair | If you like a wheelchair user, learn these seven things before you go out.

Often people don’t know how to deal with someone in a wheelchair. We want to do our best not to say or do something that might harm their feelings. But mostly we end up doing the opposite. So, here are a few things you need to know if you like a specially-abled person and want to start a romantic relationship with them.   

Never Use Bad Puns 

If you do not want to hurt the person, never pronounce the sentences of the style: “It rolls?”, “You take me for a ride?” or “Are we racing?”. Plus, not all people in wheelchairs know each other. Think about it a bit, and avoid saying, “Well, my friend Martin is in a wheelchair too! Do you know him?”. No indeed, there is very little chance that they know each other. However, they might have registered on the same site that offers disabled dating for free and, thus, have seen each other’s profiles. But that’s a rare thing to happen. 

Be Gentle If You Discover Someone Is In A Wheelchair 

If you are chatting with someone on a dating site and discover that they are in a wheelchair on your first date, be courteous. Do not leave, and do not say anything that could offend them. Also, definitely never say: “Shouldn’t you be dating someone who is also in a wheelchair?” or “Have you ever tried free disabled dating sites?”.  

Don’t Think A Chair Prevents You From Doing All The Activities

No, being in a wheelchair does not mean “not having fun”. Instead of deciding right away that someone is not fit to do something, ask them. Being in a wheelchair also means having some advantages. You should always see the glass half full: good parking spaces, queues avoided at amusement parks, and the supermarket, cheaper trips, good places for concerts, the list goes on. Of course, you should not be in a relationship with a person for these benefits, but they are still very practical. That is why many people use special handicap dating sites for free

Special Tips To Start Dating with the one You Fall in love

Don’t Feel Annoyed With Others’ Eyes

Yes, the eyes of others are disturbing. People in the street have a heavy look, and for the person who is not in a wheelchair, it can also be embarrassing or even annoying. But it’s understanding, and you will get used to it and not paying attention to it anymore.   

Don’t Be Shy About Asking Questions

It is perfectly normal to have questions about the disability of the person with whom you are. Do not hesitate to share it; communication is the basis of any relationship. This will surely allow you to understand the other better and, therefore, to advance your relationship. 

Give Importance To Person, Not The Chair 

It’s best to be comfortable with the person you’re with. Not giving importance to the chair and focusing on the person sitting in it is essential for a good relationship. It is better not to dramatize everything, and to take advantage of all the moments of joy with your loved one. 

Finally, Know What Really Matters 

When you love, it’s for the person, and it doesn’t matter if they’re in a wheelchair. Don’t let an object get in the way of your love. You will see how beautiful your relationship will be once all the misconceptions are put aside. It’s just you and the person you love, so enjoy this great relationship, and don’t let anything or anyone separate you. Remember, a person is a person, and disability should not prevent two beings from loving each other. And, of course, it’s never too late, if it didn’t work out – don’t force yourself. You can still stay as good friends forever. Plus, there are a plethora of free dating sites for singles where you can try your luck again. 

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