7 Things To Consider For a Stronger, Healthier Eye Lashes

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7 Things To Consider For a Stronger, Healthier Eye Lashes | Lashes are the cherry on top of a makeup and most of you may buy them to enhance its features. You add false eye lashes on thinking that your natural eye lashes are flawed but that is really not the case. It could be that you are not properly taking care of your lashes in order for them to grow out to their full potential. Many do not know that just like other cosmetic care regimens, you should have a normal routine that you follow when taking care of your lashes.

You may have come to the realization that using false lashes, plumpers, or mascara actually stunts your lash growth. If your lashes are not properly cleaned you can possibly be more prone to irritation or infection. Once you are able to get into the habit of caring for your lashes, you will be more likely to get rid of all of the additional additives. Your lashes will feel more rejuvenated and your lash care routine will then become a breeze. For those of you who may not know where to start, here is an easy 7 step process that can get you on the right track. After following this routine regularly your lashes will be healthier than before and are more prone to grow longer and fuller.

Step 1: Skip mascara for a few weeks.

We all love mascara as it enhances the eyes and gives a dramatic look. There are so many mascaras to choose from that make your lashes appear longer, add definition, or even add shape for a different look. What most of you do not know is that mascara can cause irritations no only to your lashes but also to your eyes. It is best to take a break from mascara from time to time.

Step 2: Always be gentle with lashes.

This is always something to keep in mind because they can be weakened. Common actions like rubbing or pulling on your lashes can also cause stinging or irritations. When this is happening it becomes harder for your lashes to become healthier because they are constantly trying to heal themselves. This becomes harder to do when you are vigorously rubbing your lashes because you are trying to remove your makeup. It will help tremendously if you remove any dirt or excess makeup using an oil-based makeup remover and gently massage your eye.

Step 3: Avoid using fake lashes or eyelash extensions.

The one habit that may seem to fix everything is actually the one that causes the most harm. All of the chemicals in the glue will always add stress to your lashes no matter how many “natural” ingredients are added to the mixture. Eyelashes are very delicate and do not do well when they are being tampered with. The best way to maintain healthy eyelashes is to stay away from false lashes.

Step 4: Remove all of your makeup at night.

Although this may be known as the “golden rule”, many take this for granted. You may be tired one night of getting in and just want to get in the bed. You may think that removing your makeup may take longer than you intended and you just want to go to sleep. You should never go to bed without removing your makeup. In order for our faces to breathe, we must remove all excess makeup from your face. This is most important for your eyes. In order for your lashes to grow longer and healthier, they must be able to fully recover while you are sleeping. Always make sure that you are taking your making off before bed.

Step 5: Cover your lashes with coconut oil.

Coconut is a staple product in health as well as beauty. When coconut oil is in its natural state it is used as a cooking agent, makeup remover, and most importantly a moisturizer. Putting coconut oil on your lashes regularly stimulates the growth of the hair follicles. It is best to apply a layer of coconut oil on your eyes and your lashes right after you remove your makeup at night. This will enhance lash growth almost immediately and you will also notice that you will lose lashes as frequently as before.

Step 6: Make sure to eat a balanced diet.

Many fail to remember that eating a well-balanced diet helps promote hair growth. Maintaining a balanced diet is another way to make your eyelashes grow longer, thicker, and stronger. Similar to the way your hair grows, lashes need a great source of proteins and vitamins in order to grow. If you do not have a healthy diet, it is best to add fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet. Eggs are also a good source of protein that many do not know about. If you want a lash boost to thrive, your body has to be healthy as well. You can always consider using lash boost products available in the market only after reading its specifications. See for the ingredients used and choose the best only after going through some reviews.  

Step 7: Up the ante with a botanical eyelash growth serum.

Lashes live for a specially crafted botanical serum. This will help give your lashes that extra boost with DIY lash extensions along they need if your results are not progressing to your liking. Your lashes will be longer in a little over a month and will be the highlight of your eyes. Similar to coconut oil, botanical growth serums allow your lashes to grow faster and prevent lash loss.

If you follow these steps regularly you will see results in no time. For all the makeup lovers, remember to lay off the heavy and excessive eye products. A natural face goes a long way. Maintaining a clean eye and set of lashes will always be the staple of keeping your lashes in tack and growing healthier than ever before.