7 Sexy Hairstyle for Oval-shaped Face

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Do you have an oval shaped face? Are you tired of having the same haircut that doesn’t complement with your face? Here are some haircuts that you should try for that stylish and sleek look:

Haircut 2


This haircut is applicable for those who have thick hair and oval-shaped face. The layers serve in two ways. One, it will help frame the oval face. And two, it will control the hair volume. Having this one length haircut will help to tone down thick hair.


Shoulder length haircut suits oval shaped face well. Plus, the waves add volume and help to draw out check bones. This will create an illusion to make the face look more rounded. If you have a fine hair, apply volume mousse at the ends.


Having a bone-straight style will just make your long face more prominent. This hair cut has fullness on each side, with a little bit lifted top. This will help balance and oval face on the sides. Curl the ends with a large barrel curling iron, and comb it with your hands.


The bangs change the shape of an oval face because it shortens its length. And because these are curved bangs, they add frames around the eyes. To achieve curled bangs, blows dry the hair and flip by using a round brush. Add a little bit of hair serum to make it shiny.


For those with oval-shaped face and thin strands of hair, try this haircut. The jagged ends will make the hair look thicker around the jaw line. This will create an illusion of a round face because it fills the space around your jaw. The layers on this A-line cut will give the ends a choppy look.


An ultra straight hair is a no-no for oval shaped face. It will just accentuate the length of your face. But if you are not a fan of curly hair, you can still keep it straight. But you have to add some volume on the head. The key is to use some styling cream or volume mousse and use a ceramic flat iron over each section.

This cut will compliment an elongated face. A side swept style takes the focus off the face. It also makes the face look softer and less linear.

Aside from styling, you should also keep your hair healthy by following these tips. So get ready for your salon trip and try these hairstyles. Having an oval shaped face doesn’t mean you have to stick one boring haircut. All these are a must try!