7 Primary and Surprising Causes of Obesity


What comes into your mind about obesity and its causes? Perhaps you just think that these people who are obese are only caused by gluttony, but not. Here are more causes of obesity that you might not know yet.

1. Inactive Lifestyle

This is one of the primary causes of obesity. It also depends on the field of work of a person. If your job requires sitting or standing without any significant active habits, then you’ll just be eating without burning fats.

2. Processed foods

Even if you exercise but your eating habits include processed foods, nothing will be changed. These processed foods include fast food, hotdog, canned goods, instant noodles and the like. These maybe high in sugar and salt. Sodium or salt is the number one cause of bloating.

3. Sweetened drinks

Now onto the drinks, tetra packs and sodas are high in sugar. We admit it, it’s delicious, but we already know how dangerous when we drink these regularly. Sometimes, it all boils down to discipline.

4. Heavy meals at night

That’s why we should eat dinner like a “pauper.” Heavy intake of food at night is not only put you at risk to become obese, but also to suffer from heart burn. Our body’s metabolism slows down at night and there would only be limited time to digest the food before you sleep.

5. Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol is fat-sparing, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when alcohol is consumed in excess of the body’s daily energy needs, it is harder for the body to burn fat, and when more fat is stored, it results to significant weight gain. Besides, wouldn’t we like abs better than “beer belly”?

6. Binge-eating

Binge-eating is when you eat a very heavy meal after hours of not eating at all. It’s the lifestyle again, no time for breakfast because you woke up late? We tend to eat our hearts out during lunch or merienda (snacks).

7. Stress-eating

When you’re stressed or depressed, the body craves a “comfort food.” We are looking for something to make us feel better. Mostly these are the high-calorie foods like pizza, ice cream, burger, etc. These foods causes the brain which leads to inducing compulsive overeating.

To help you fight obesity, decide now to begin your fitness journey. Eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle are among the top things you need to do. You can also take Capsinesis, a dietary supplement and fitness partner to help you achieve your goal to maintain weight. Its three powerful ingredients: cayenne pepper, green tea and bignay wild berry, boost your metabolism and help you keep in shape while maintaining your weight. You may take Capsinesis three times a day, 30 minutes after every meal.