7 Hair Care Tips for Wet-Weather


Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Say goodbye to your sunnies and beach hats, and hello to your warm jackets and fuzzy socks because our cuddle weather is fast approaching. This season also requires you to take extra care of your locks because most hair issues are more active during monsoons.

Most problems that occur during rainy season is hair fall which increases by 30%. The fungus responsible for dandruff flourishes in humid weather causing dandruff problems to worsen. Icky-yucky lice infestation is also common during rains because it breeds during this season. Lastly, bacterial and fungal infection of scalp is also common. Growth of bacteria and fungus increases specially when exposed to polluted rain water and humid conditions.

Hair problems can be very alarming on rainy days. But there are ways to lessen those hair and scalp problems. No matter which part of the world you came from, these tips will surely come in handy while combatting the weather outside.

Tip #1: Avoid washing your hair often. This may sound weird, but believe me. Washing your hair often may just cause dryness. Wash your hair every two or three times could help minimizing the problems your facing. Use mild shampoo (or baby shampoo) with no alcohol on the scalp and roots to avoid getting it dry. Do not also forget to use a conditioner each time you wash your hair. This will add nutrients, keep your hair shiny and will help to avoid tangles on hair.

Tip #2: Blot dry. Wet hair will lead to frizzy hair specially in this season. Dry your hair but do it gently. According to hair legend Trevor Sorbie, rough drying your hair with a towel can ruffle the cuticle causing it to frizz. Blot dry with a towel before blow-drying to remove excess water. Same applies when you’re caught in a rain shower. Simply blot dry it with paper towels or towels to absorb the water.

Tip #3: Cover up. Avoid exposing your hair with the outside elements by covering up. Using an umbrella would not be enough to stay dry. Cover your hair and scalp by using hats, bonnets and hoodies.

Tip #4: Keep those brush away. Frizzy hair is indeed a problem (if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been mentioning it before). DO NOT BRUSH TANGLES OUT YOUR HAIR. Instead, finger-comb it or use a wide-toothed comb.

Tip #5: Oil the ends. If you really have dry hair and wish to make it shine, then apply oil at the end strands of your hair. This will help to keep moisture and shine.

Tip #6: Try braids and buns. Still have frizzy hair? Braids is one of the easiest way to control frizz. Remember that the frizzier the hair, the tighter the braid should be. You can also try loose buns to prevent too much frizz and avoid tangles.

Tip #7: Eat healthy. Do not forget that the best way to maintain the parts of your body healthy is to eat healthy. Protein is the building blocks of your hair. To keep it thick and healthy, eat high-protein food like eggs, carrots, grains, salmon, kidney beans, green veggies, etc. Also, drinking 13 liters of water a day will keep your hair rehydrated. This will make it shine more, and will make your hair look cleaner and healthier.

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