6 Ways to Worsen Your Acne

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Acne is every teen’s nightmare. There are times when you would want to stay indoors until the curse of acne goes away. Once, I also have spent my teen years worrying about zits, and here I am now, still having acne but not worrying about them that much. Wanna know why? Because I have accepted the fact that having acne is a natural thing. And every once in awhile, people are bound to get them. We cannot avoid it but we can lessen it.

Lessening your acne can be a big challenge especially finding the right skin regime that would perfectly fit your skin type. Some would browse through the internet looking for the do-it-yourself creams to minimize acne and find their own cream of glory. Others are less fortunate to find that one recipe perfect for their skin. If you are one of those lucky ones who have accomplished getting their own DIY skin care, then we congratulate you for doing a good job. If not and you are still in the process, do not fret! We are here to give you things you should be avoiding so your acne would not worsen. Know them by heart and try, please, avoid them until you find that perfect skin regime for you.

  • Washing too much. Yes, washing your face can help remove excess oil and dirt in your pores. But excessive washing can lead to worst results like irritating your skin or drying it out. Dry skin causes oil production to go overdrive. If you think you are cleaning your face, you are wrong. You are actually letting more oil made which clogs pores resulting to more acne.
  • PICKING! As much as you wanted to take those zits away, POPPING IS NOT AN ANSWER! It is and will never be okay to pop those zits. Aside from it being yucky (yes, I am using that word now), popping your zits can cause infection thus creating more zits. Also, it leave you scars.
  • Sleeping with makeup on. Even if your make-up says it does not clog pores, DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON! Your skin cannot renew in an instant. Leaving your make-up on overnight will (again) leave you clogged skin, then have bacterial build-up which will cause inflammation resulting to pimples. Gross!
  • Scrubbing the face on breakouts. Acne is on a great degree of inflammation already and if you are not gently enough, it will create more inflammation. As tempting as peeling the top layer of the skin look like, it would not make those pimples go away. Avoid anything abrasive including physical scrubs, and try exfoliators with gentle fruit acids. Be gentle with your skin.
  • Not sanitizing your phone. Or anything that comes in contact with your face. Sanitation is the key to lessen the spread of bacteria. Clean your phone at night to remove make-up residue on it.
  • Treating the skin from the outside. As much as we love maintaining how we look from the outside, we should also keep our insides healthy. Eat less food that would cause you pimples such as nuts or any other oily food. Start snacking out with fruits to help your skin have that glow. Remember, your skin is a reflection on what is going on inside your body. So keep the body healthy.

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