6 Ways to Wear the Dress-Sneakers Outfit

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Sneakers, as we all know, used to be worn only with jeans and shirt to create that edgy, on-the-go look, or with your PE uniforms. But the sneakers gaming has changed entirely. From that boyish look, sneakers can also be worn in a chic way. The “dress-paired-with-sneaker” outfit is one of the trendiest outfit in the fashion industry. With sneakers proving to us they’re handier than any other footwear, it also has proven that they can make a really good statement.

If you feel like being flirty and girly for your weekend tambay with your friends, save yourself from those blisters. Toss those heels away and slip into some sneakers. Here are some ways you can use your sneakers while remaining that girly vibe.

1. Long dresses plus low-cut converse. These are your average casual shoes with some of the best practical uses. It can be good use when you just want to go out and eventually decided to stray towards the athletic vibe. Pair this with a long dress to give you that slightly chic aura.

2. Sport jersey dresses and chunky sneakers. Take that Rihanna look in just a millisecond by pairing your chunky sneakers with a sport jersey dress. These dresses are everywhere these days that you can easily find one. Add something up like a sporty cap or statement accessories too.

3. Monochromatic looks. If you aim for something formal, try pairing your sneakers with a dress with a pencil cut skirt. You can use it on dates and formal occasions. This look is also good for offices. Just remember to stay monochrome so that your shoes won’t stand out that much but will still give you that fresh new vibe.

4. Mini-dress paired with sneakers. That mini-black dress would look good on a Mary Jane or a 5-inches heels. But scratch that thought! Why go hurting yourself when you can actually look all good with sneakers? Have you seen how many times K-Stewart rocked the red carpet with her sneakers? Hail the queen of dresses plus sneaks!

5. Wear it bold. If #3 pushes you to wear it simple and you have tried it, why not be adventurous and go bold? Pair your plain old dress with a bold cold sneakers. Or you can try wearing those printed ones. In this way, your sneaks will stand out above all.

6. Sneakers as jewelry. A bedazzled sneaks can also go a long way. Pair your dress with the right accessories that would also match your sneakers. Afterall, jewelry sneakers are in hype right now, you probably would find a lot in shoe shops. Happy hunting!

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