6 Ways to Look Fab in Short Hair

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Tired of all those ponytails? Want to make cut that frizzy hair of yours short but you fear it won’t suit you? Think again. Having short hair can be the best thing you can think off. It can also make your life easier because you can say goodbye to combs and everyday styling. If you think that short hairs cannot be versatile, here are some of the ways you can rock your short locks while looking fab.  

  1. Monthly trim. If you want to rock that short do, then maintenance is one of the most advisable key. Doing this can help your hair grow faster and prevent too much tangles and split-ends.
  2. Braid it! Who says you can’t braid your hair while it’s short? One of the best ways to style your short hair is to braid it. We all have a soft spot when it comes to braids. Don’t be afraid and explore different kinds of braids fro your short locks – from crown to side French. Braids always give you a fresh and girly look.
  3. Change colors. To give you a fresh look, you can try different dye. Start with different shades. You can go from red to blonde and back to red again. If you do not want to fully color your hair, you can always do ombre or just put on highlights.
  4. Undercuts. This can give you a bad-ass chic in the making vibe. An undercut is one of the most famous haircuts among men, and is now one of the trendiest among women. Undercuts look good in long, medium or short hair but it will look exceptionally edgy on short ones.
  5. Headgears. Headbands, hats, headscarves. These timeless items can be a short-haired girls’ best friend especially in occasions – whether casual or formal. Besides, it helps your hair stay in place.
  6. Volume and Texture. Of all the things you should do with hair, keeping its volume and texture. If you have seen Miley Cyrus on (really) short hair and wonder why she looked all glam, the clothes are just one thing. But the hair is another! Invest in hair products that will give you long lasting texture and volume. Find the one that would be perfect for you and your locks.


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