6 Tips for Turning any Vacation into a Wellness Retreat


Finally, it’s time for vacation. You are packing your favorite workout clothes and getting ready to have the ultimate wellness experience. To help you focus on stress management, healthy food, and exercise, here are 6 tips that will turn your vacation into a wellness retreat.

  • Limit your phone dependency

It’s a known fact that social networks eat our time and nerves. So, if you want to completely dedicate yourself to wellness, it’s time to stop overusing your phone. Since turning off your phone completely is impossible, then limit the time you spend on it.

Disable apps for social media and chatting, and allow notifications from only those that are vital for emails, calls, and texts. This way you will eliminate a considerable amount of stress and enjoy your vacation more fully.

  • Make a plan

Everything is better with a plan, especially if you try to use the little time you have in the best way. Create daily schedules and print them out as to-do lists. Make sure to include some relaxing activities like yoga or resting as well, so you don’t exhaust yourself.

  • Don’t forget to exercise

Going on vacation doesn’t mean to take a break from exercising especially if you want to respect a healthy lifestyle. However, you may slow it down a bit or simply replace the gym at home with the great outdoors at your vacation destination. Rent bikes and cycle through the landscapes or sing up for hiking tours in the nearby nature.

You can bring some of the equipment with you like jump rope or resistance band and have an exercise in nature or by the pool. Since dumbbells are too robust to carry from home, use a water bottle instead of that you will drink after a workout.

  • Relax

You are on your vacation so it’s normal to slow down and relax. Although active vacations are very popular in recent years, you can also spend time by the pool or at the spa. Wellness is all about calming your inner emotions and relieving stress from your body.

So, enjoy the sunset and sunbathe or just sit on your deck overlooking the gorgeous mountainous view. Yoga, meditation, and massage will also help you eliminate the piled up stress and get you ready for vacation adventures.

  • Opt for healthier food choices

If you want to eat healthily, opt for high protein diet which will help you burn the fat more easily and healthily. That way, your body will use fat stores to create energy and you won’t feel hungry fast because of it. If you are a vegan, don’t despair since there is still a simple solution that will help you stay on a high protein diet.

It will only take five minutes of your time to prepare a smoothie with vegan protein powder which is a great option for people sensitive to certain types of food like eggs or milk. Even if you are not a vegan, this protein powder is a great post-workout routine you can easily take with you anywhere, even on your vacation.  

  • Get enough sleep

Every person needs sleep to function properly and eliminate stress. Since you are finally on vacation you make sleep your priority. The change of scenery or jet lag may make it harder to fall asleep, but some chamomile tea and lavender-scented mask may help.

Don’t neglect to allow yourself at least 8-hours of sleep on daily basis, and even taking a nap in the afternoon.  

All in all

Use your vacation to give yourself the ultimate wellness experience and detox your body from everyday stress. It will help you recharge your batteries and get you ready for the new challenges waiting ahead.