6 Sweet Things Couples in a Long Term Relationship Should Have

long term relationship

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

It is hard to keep a long term relationship. New things become too familiar. Special dates become routine. But these simple things can keep the fire glowing through the years:


Sure it is sweet and cozy to cuddle in bed during the first years of your relationship. But for a couple in a long-term relationship, it is sweeter if you can sleep in any position you want. If you talk “long term” things change over time.

Yes, it is sweet to hug and cuddle, but it is also nice to occupy a large part of the bed when you sleep. And here’s a sweet deal: having a king sized bed also gives you the freedom of movement when you and your husband are doing “it.”


Just like the bed, it is sweet and nice to share the blanket with someone you love. But waking up freezing cold in the middle of the night is not sweet. Reaching out in the dark for a second blanket when you are so sleepy is not a sweet thing either.

So instead of sharing a blanket, why not try having a couple blankets? Being in a long-term relationship with your partner is a great thing. But having your own blanket to keep you warm and cozy is great, too.


This little piece of card is simple but can make or break a relationship. Why? Even if you are in a long-term relationship, it is important that you have something special for your anniversary, birthdays, and any other “important dates” in your life that you tend to forget. She or he may forgive you the first time.

But if you are always forgetful of special events, your partner may drop it off.


How many times have you experienced chaos because of a flying insect? Usually, it is the man’s responsibility to catch the culprit while you scream in terror and agony.



One of the greatest battles ever fought was the war over who’s in charge of the remote control. And after the war, there is an aftermath if your partner caught you falling asleep while you are watching the TV.

Keep the peace by allotting some time to be alone to watch your favorite soap or series and then reunite sometimes to watch a movie together.


Another war is about the battle for the thermostat control. Your partner wants cold. You want it warm and cozy. End the war by having a personal bedside fan. You can set the thermostat to medium high. And then turn on the bedside fan if one of you wants it extra cool.

Here are some of the sweet things to keep the fire going. And aside from these things, maintain respect, avoid arguments, and be faithful to one another to make the relationship last a lifetime.