5 Ways to Order Healthy Foods at Any Resto


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

Are you a foodie who loves to eat at restaurants and feels the guilt of not eating healthy afterwards?

Here are some ways you can try to have healthy foods when ordering at any resto:

Plan and prepare ahead.

Planning alone may not do the trick. Based on experience, we all know that willpower alone cannot be trusted on choosing healthy foods when you are faced with mouth-watering restaurant menus.   The urge to order just because the food looks good (eating with your eyes) is very hard to resist when you have a rumbling stomach.

So, plan to eat healthily and prepare your   tummy for drinking water and eating some snacks before going to the restaurant. Try an apple, a banana, or a small chunk of dark chocolate.

Check the menu for healthy options.

After you followed the first tip, it will be easy for you to follow this next tip. Because you are not craving, you can focus on choosing healthy foods from the menu. Choose a protein for your main course (chicken, fish, or beef) and vegetables on the side.

If you have the opportunity, ask.

Especially if you are in a fine dining restaurant, you have an ample time and opportunity to ask the waiter, compared to fast food restaurants:

What can I order instead of fries?

What vegetables are available?

Can I order half portions of each food?

healthy foods (1)

Order with sauce or dressings on the side.

You may think that you’re choosing health foods because it has lean meat, or because it is the vegetable but anything with cheese, dressing, or sauce smothered at the top may not be healthy. To control your appetite, you may request that these items be put to the side rather than smothered on your dish. This way you can control the use of these “extra calories” with your healthy meal.

Skip the soda.

We all know that soda has potentially harmful effects on our body, it also contains the large amount of sugar which is equals to calories, which is bad for our health. So opt for a fresh glass of water or fruit juice or a fruit smoothie to wash down that meal.

When eating at fast foods, it seems that there is no way you can eat healthy foods and just dig in with those unwanted calories. Here’s the news for you: you can still choose to eat healthy because you have a choice.